Chapter 284 - Hitchhike

Chapter 284 - Hitchhike

The only possibility was that Gubang and Guangbo had come to some sort of agreement- Pengzhan didn’t know what, but a bad feeling started to form…

Guangbo turned to look at Gubang gleefully, only to find a very darkened face- yes, Gubang was very pissed indeed!

Gubang had looked really pleased when Pengzhan suggested to hand the business industry over to Guangbo, but Guangbo actually rejected it!!! Was he an idiot?!

Why the hell would he reject it?! Just accept the damned offer, Gubang wouldn’t be worried with that in Guangbo’s hands, they were in an alliance! They were on the same boat! Didn’t Guangbo understand that he wouldn’t be afraid of him betraying him, since that would mean the end of his son??

Rejecting the offer would instantly inform Pengzhan of the relationship they had with each other! Gubang didn’t want that to be exposed this soon; he’d planned to attack Pengzhan with a killing blow when he least expected it!!

That was now an impossibility because of what Guangbo did- Pengzhan would now be on full alert! He’d have to use this relationship with Guangbo as a card earlier now!

Gubang wanted to curse- a card like this, used so early in the game! Wasted!! He didn’t want to break with Pengzhan now, since he wouldn’t be able to just cut off an entire industry of the company himself even if he were the chairman- it wouldn’t be possible as long as Pengzhan still held most of the Pengzhan Industries shares.

Gubang glared at Guangbo, but there wasn’t much he could do about it now- it had been done: everyone now could see that Guangbo and him were allied.

“I see- Let’s entrust the entertainment business to Vice-chairman Jin as you wish, Mister Xie!” Pengzhan hmphed coldly. “Vice-chairman Jin, I hope you take measures so as to prevent such accidents from happening again!”

“Rest assured, chairman- I will do so immediately!” Gubang nodded- both Pengzhan and him were pissed. Why the hell was this Guangbo so retarded? 

Gubang didn’t go home after the meeting ended- he contacted Guangbo! Their relationship was now exposed, and they had to pick up the pace before Pengzhan put his defenses up.

It was Monday, and Lin Yi was taking Uncle Fu’s car to school. He used some containers for some shark meat, thinking of letting Xiaobo, Tangyin, and Fen try them.

He did have an entire shark, after all. He put the rest of it back in the fridge after roasting the half he needed.

The map he’d found in the shark, however, was left alone in his drawer. He couldn’t understand it anyway, and didn’t have the time. He decided he’d take a look when he had the chance.

What happened that Saturday had tightened the three closer- Mengyao didn’t have that pissed-off face to show Lin Yi all the time anymore, and didn’t say anything about Lin Yi hitting on girls even if she didn’t like that.

Yushu and Mengyao were chatting away during the whole trip, about stuff Lin Yi wasn’t very interested in. It was girl stuff, after all, stuff about clothes and makeup and whatnot, not topics Lin Yi could butt into.

They were almost at the school when Yushu pointed at a Mercedes-Benz some distance away. “Yao Yao, isn’t that Zhong Pinliang’s car?”

Mengyao frowned upon hearing what Yushu said- she raised her head and saw Pinliang get off the car.

Pinliang was quite stressed- he received a call from his uncle last night, asking how things were between him and Mengyao already- Gubang called him trash upon hearing how they hadn’t even held hands yet!!

It seemed that his uncle was about to make his move soon when Pinliang didn’t even have Mengyao sorted out on his side! His uncle had given him a deadline, that he’d have to take Mengyao within the week, by force if necessary! 

Gubang actually didn’t want Pinliang to get together with Mengyao- Pengzhan only had one daughter, and that meant that all his assets and businesses would be passed onto her, a.k.a, to Pinliang! Yet Zhong Fabai wasn’t one who liked serving others- Pinliang getting with Mengyao would temporarily give his assault on Pengzhan considerable support, but that was what it was- temporary! Fabai might even turn back and bite Gubang once he’d risen in power!

He didn’t have much of a choice left now that Guangbo had exposed their relationship- the time was now, and he needed Pinliang to get with Mengyao. It’d hold Pengzhan back for a while as he planned his move on the company.

Pinliang turned to see Mengyao’s Bentley, much to his joy- he’d been worried that he wouldn’t have a chance to talk with Mengyao now that their seats weren’t close! He waddled over to wait for Mengyao to get off.

“He’s coming, Yao Yao……” Yushu grinned as he looked at Pinliang standing there.

“God……..” Mengyao rubbed at her forehead- could a guy get any more annoying?? “Lin Yi, get out the car and tell him to go away!”

“Me? Out the car?” Lin Yi blinked. Wouldn’t that expose his relationship with Mengyao to Pinliang?

“Yes, you! Tell him to get out of my sight!” Mengyao nodded. “I don’t wanna see him!”

“What if he asks me why I came out of your car?” Lin Yi smiled bitterly.

“Tell him you hitchhiked! Tell him we have the same route, so you hitchhiked!” Mengyao didn’t see anything wrong with that. “Or just don’t explain anything, he’s not gonna think much of it anyway, since you’re Tang Yin’s boyfriend and everything!”

Mengyao hmphed internally at that thought, annoyed- Tang Yin sure had it good now, Lin Yi was the shield her father hired! Just thinking about it irritated her.

“Ah……” Lin Yi smiled and got out of the car.

“Yao Yao- Huh? Lin Yi? Why were you in Yao Yao’s car??” Pinliang had thought that it was Mengyao who came out when he saw Lin Yi’s face!

“I hitchhiked.” Lin Yi looked at Pinliang coldly. “Scram before I count to three. One… Two…”

“Fine!!” Pinliang couldn’t believe this- how unlucky could he get? He’d managed to get a chance to hit on Mengyao, and out of nowhere jumped a Lin Yi! But this wasn’t a guy he could cross right now, so Pinliang decided that he’d hold it in, thinking that Lin Yi would be fucked by the time Naipao came down the mountain.

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