Chapter 1243: Mo Tianyun

Chapter 1243: Mo Tianyun

A while later, a sliver of surprise appeared in the middle-aged man’s eyes. He sighed in astonishment, “An unprecedented genius has appeared in the World of Forsaken Saints as well. He possesses such strength at his young age. He probably hasn’t even cultivated for a thousand years. However, they are a group of pitiful people, and I can’t interfere with this matter right now either. I hope they don’t make too great of a mess for the Tian Yuan Continent in the future.”

The middle-aged man withdrew his presence and glanced at Mercenary City again before vanishing without any signs. When he appeared again, he had arrived among the mountains of the tungsten alloy mine near Flame City. He hovered several hundred meters in the air as he gazed down with an odd expression. He murmured, “I never thought that this place would give birth to the origin energy of a metallic spirit and that its innate talent and room for growth is greater than Xiao Ling. However, at this rate, the spirit still needs quite some time. Oh well, I’ll give him a fortune.”

With that, the middle-aged man left. The next moment, he had traversed an extremely great distance, appearing in the Turtle clan of the sea realm. He appeared silently in front of Jian Chen, who was cultivating with two monster cores in his hand. He had completely bypassed the barrier of the Sea race.

The middle-aged man gently extended a finger toward Jian Chen and a droplet of essence blood immediately flew out of Jian Chen’s chest. It hovered above the tip of his finger while Jian Chen felt nothing.

Just when he was about to leave, he suddenly produced an interjection of surprise. He looked at the area between Jian Chen’s eyebrows in interest and said, “The soul I had left at the Yinyang Saint Rock was just far too weak last time, so I was unable to probe deeply. I never thought that Jian Chen had obtained this item as well. Does that mean he can control Radiant Saint Force? Radiant Saint Force is an extremely powerful and wondrous energy, but it’s been heavily weakened on the Tian Yuan Continent such that its strength cannot be displayed at all. If Jian Chen can use Radiant Saint Force, then he’ll have one extra thing to protect himself with.”

The middle-aged man transformed into a strand of mist and drifted into Jian Chen’s sea of consciousness. He entered the artifact space effortlessly and reformed inside. However, even the artifact spirit who possessed absolute control in the space failed to sense his arrival.

The middle-aged man arrived at the only place within the space that was not controlled by the artifact spirit. A powerful formation sealed away the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force there and would only be unsealed once every fifty years, releasing the origin energy of Radiant Saint Force to give Radiant Saint Masters the chance at progressing to Class 7.

He examined the formation and mumbled to himself, “I wonder who put this formation here. He actually put a powerful formation that only those at Godhood can break through in a treasure that isn’t even at the level of saint artifacts. However, this formation cannot be forcefully destroyed, or it’ll destroy this treasure as well.” The middle-aged man flicked his finger and an extremely pure strand of energy shot out, striking the formation with lightning-like speed and disappearing into it. From within, it began to break down the formation part by part. He then silently left the artifact space before returning to the air above the tungsten alloy mine near Flame City.

“I shall bequeath you with a strand of origin energy to speed up your growth,” the man said softly before pointing out. He sent another strand of extremely pure energy which shot through the tough tungsten alloy like a hot knife through butter, reaching the deep underground. Before the strand of energy, the tough tungsten alloy was as fragile as rice paper and was easily punched through.

Finally, the energy passed through the various obstructions and fused with the origin energy of the metallic spirit hiding deep underground. Immediately, the ball of golden liquid wriggled slightly before solidifying at a visible rate.

Up above, the middle-aged man flicked out the droplet of blood he had obtained from Jian Chen. It followed the passage carved out by the strand of energy and fused with the metallic spirit.

In the Ice Goddess Hall, the silver-armored protector Shui and the snow-white Changyang Mingyue stood in front of a pool that radiated with an icy presence. The water in the pool was transparent, but even while faced with a great coldness that could even freeze Saint Kings, the water remained liquid and did not freeze.

Three fist-sized crystals floated on the surface of the pool at the very center and gave off an icy feeling.

“Your majesty, each Icesoul takes a million years to form. In the three million years I have spent here, I have finally waited until three Icesouls have matured. All that it needs is a few months and the coldness within the Icesouls will completely drain away and turn into extremely pure energy. At that time, as soon as your majesty’s Profound Ice Body fully matures, your majesty can directly absorb these three Icesouls to recover your majesty’s strength. Although the Icesouls have only managed to gather enough energy to be are on par to ten-thousand-year-old Icesouls in a million years due to the energy in this world, they should still be able to recover some of your majesty’s power. Afterward, I will be able to take your majesty back and use Icesouls of higher grades to fully recover your majesty’s former strength,” said protector Shui.

“Protector Shui, can anyone absorb the energy within the Icesouls once the coldness has completely transformed into pure energy?” Changyang Mingyue asked. Her voice contained a sliver of eagerness and anticipation.

“Yes, that’s true,” replied protector Shui.

Changyang Mingyue immediately beamed in happiness. She said, “That’s fantastic. I was worried that the coldness within the Icesouls was too extreme and that my brother couldn’t absorb the energy inside, but now I don’t have to worry at all.”

Protector Shui was surprised inside with what Changyang Mingyue had said. She turned toward Changyang Mingyue in disbelief and hurriedly asked, “Your majesty, do you intend on giving an Icesoul to your brother?”

Changyang Mingyue seriously nodded, “There’s three anyway. I’ll use two for myself, so what’s wrong with giving my brother one? An Icesoul should increase my brother’s strength by a lot.”

“No, that cannot happen. Your majesty, I’ve prepared these three Icesouls for you specifically. Every single one is created through great difficulty. Your majesty can only use them on yourself and not on anyone else.” Protector Shui said in a heavy voice.

A sliver of cunning light appeared in Changyang Mingyue’s eyes. She then sternly looked at protector Shui. She asked, “Protector Shui, do these three Icesoul belong to me?”

“These Icesouls were prepared specifically for your majesty, for when your majesty recovers her strength, so they obviously belong to your majesty. Everything in the Ice Goddess Hall belongs to your majesty, in fact,” protector Shui politely responded.

“Since they belong to me, I obviously have the right to distribute them. My brother’s provoked so many people right now, so how can I endure him being trampled over by so many experts as an older sister? Protector Shui, I know you’re thinking about me, but you don’t need to say anything else about this. I’ve already made up my mind to gift my brother one of these Icesouls so he can increase his strength as soon as possible. Once he becomes a Saint Emperor, the experts from the Tian Yuan Continent and the Beast God Continent won’t be able to bully him,” replied Changyang Mingyue sternly. Her voice was firm, clearly having made up her mind already.

“Sigh,” protector Shui gently exhaled. She knew that her majesty had already made up her mind, and nothing she did could change it. She just cared far too much for her brother.

“Protector Shui, I’ll go cultivate first and make my Profound Ice Body mature faster. If my brother or mother comes, you must contact me as soon as possible.” With that, Changyang Mingyue left the room with the pool.

Protector Shui remained by the pool as she stared at the three Icesouls floating in it She murmured, “Her majesty’s closeness to Jian Chen has greatly exceeded what I’ve expected, and her majesty even wants to give him an Icesoul now. These three Icesouls are far too important to her majesty, so I can’t let that happen no matter what. I need to stop it.

“If I prevent Jian Chen from seeing her majesty, her majesty will definitely go looking for him on the Tian Yuan Continent after her body matures with how much she cares for him, so she’ll still end up giving away the Icesoul. Jian Chen is the successor of the Sword Sect of Violent Heavens, and before she recovers her memory, she will not know what happened back then. Her majesty will become enemies with Jian Chen sooner or later. If she gives him an Icesoul, that would be digging her own grave and strengthening her opponents.”

A gleam of light flickered through protector Shui’s eyes and heavy killing intent flashed through soon after. She heavily said, “Looks like I can only lay my hands on Jian Chen earlier to prevent this.”

At this moment, protector Shui violently jerked. She suddenly stared outside the divine hall as her gaze became extremely sharp at that moment. Some shock was also present in her eyes. She suddenly vanished from beside the pool and immediately appeared outside the divine hall. She stood on the roof as she gazed up ahead with sharp eyes.

A white-robed, middle-aged man currently hovered a hundred meters in front of her. He did not give off any presence, nor did he give off any signs of life. He stood there with his arms crossed as he stared at the protector at ease.

“Just who are you?” Protector Shui growled as her heart churned inside.

The man nonchalantly smiled and indifferently said, “You may have never left this place, but you’ve secretly spied on me more than once in the past. You basically watched everything I did, so have you forgotten who I am so quickly?”

“Mo Tianyun, of course this king remembers you. I am asking about what your true identity is. Didn’t you disappear with that sacred beast back then? Why have you suddenly appeared in this world again after so many years?” Protector Shui kept her eyes trained on Mo Tianyun. She already knew that she had been mistaken in the past. She had been tricked by Mo Tianyun without noticing at al.

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