Chapter 1427: Done For

Chapter 1427: Done For

The Class 8 Magical Beasts that had emerged from the divine hall all looked up when they heard a voice. When they gazed at Cangqiong, their eyes were filled with respect. This was the respect directed at a Class 9 expert.

However, when they heard that the great Winged Tiger God had entered the ninety-ninth floor of the Beast God Hall to accept his legacy, their emotions leaked onto their faces.

The Winged Tiger God was the god of the magical beasts. He had left behind a permanent influence in ancient times. However, this influence had weakened with the passage of time, which was why very few magical beasts still treated the Winged Tiger God as a god. Two of their rulers had even become interested in replacing the Winged Tiger God.

However, the world currently faced the threat of the World of Forsaken Saints. They had all personally witnessed the power of the foreign world. The foreign world was impossible to stop without Origin realm experts. The war god of the Hundred Races had already returned,  the humans had Jian Chen, and the sea realm had the sea goddess. Three of the four great races in this world possessed Origin realm experts. Only the magical beasts were lacking an expert. The magical beasts, which were originally stronger than the Hundred Races and humans, became the weakest race in a single stroke.

As a result, all the magical beasts were extraordinarily moved by the return of the Winged Tiger God in their time of need.

A part of them did not become emotional because the Winged Tiger God was the ancient beast god but because its existence allowed them to maintain their former position among the four races. Very few people still worshipped the Winged Tiger God as a god.

Cangqiong’s voice rang out once more, “Today, I will be announcing a significant matter. Two of the three rulers of our Beast God Continent, Kaiser and the tiger emperor, have attempted to harm the great beast god in the past and have now fled because of their crimes. They have left the Beast God Hall. From today on, they are no longer a part of us. I declare that the tiger emperor Lankyros and Kaiser are now wanted people. Once their tracks have been found, you must report them.”

What Cangqiong said immediately caused quite a large commotion. The Beast God Continent had been split into three territories. Kaiser, the tiger emperor, and Cangqiong all governed one of the territories, as they were the most powerful existences on the continent. Yet now, Cangqiong had actually issued a warrant for the arrest of the two other rulers, which immediately shocked everyone.

However, no one dared to voice any objections. Right now, the disappearance of the two rulers had already explained some matters. At the same time, the Winged Tiger God had already begun to accept its legacy. They all understood that their loyalty no longer lay with the three rulers from before but with the great beast god.

As a result, even the Class 8 Magical Beasts that had belonged to the tiger emperor and Kaiser remained silent due to this special situation.

Cangqiong looked at Jian Chen and the seriousness on his face disappeared. He said to Jian Chen with a smile, “Sovereign Jian Chen, I am unsure when the Winged Tiger God will finish accepting its legacy. Why don’t you stay at the Beast God Hall over the next few days? I’ll be able to perform my duties as a host that way.”

Jian Chen silently pondered the offer before rejecting Cangqiong’s urgings to stay. He too had no idea when the white tiger would finish accepting its legacy. It was fine if it was only a few days, but he could not afford to wait if it took several years or even longer. He had a lot of matters to attend to. The white tiger was safe on the ninety-ninth floor.

Jian Chen returned to the Beast God Hall under Cangqiong’s lead. He went through the floors where Kaiser and Lankyros stayed and found their treasuries. He took away everything that caught his eye.

Jian Chen found a large number of high class monster cores in the two treasuries as well as a few Ruler Armaments and King Armaments that they had collected. Jian Chen even found a complete Saint Tier Battle Skill tablet and three Emperor Armaments.

The Saint Tier Battle Skill and Emperors Armaments all possessed a heavy, ancient presence. They were items from several tens of thousand years ago. The items were great treasures to humans, but they were of no great use to the magical beasts aside from keeping them in a collection.

However, Jian Chen failed to find anything that could catch his attention in the treasuries of the two Saint Emperors, to his disappointment.

Jian Chen and Nubis left the Beast God Hall together. However, Rum Guinness stayed behind. She insisted on waiting for her child to return.

Jian Chen rode the Zi Ying Sword as he flew alongside Nubis at a slower speed. A gleam of cold light flickered in his eyes. He would stop and sweep the surroundings with his senses after flying a certain distance every time, as if he was looking for something.

“What’re you looking for?” Nubis asked out of interest.

“Back in the sea realm, one of the people who killed the grand elder of the Turtle clan managed to escape. He’s called Li Fengxing and he belongs to the Beast God Continent,” said Jian Chen. He had come to the Beast God Continent this time with two intentions in mind. One of them was to get the white tiger to enter the Beast God Hall for its legacy, while the other was to look for Li Fengxing, who had managed to flee in the past.

Jian Chen had never forgotten who had contributed to the grand elder of the Turtle clan’s death. He had been forbidden from setting foot on the Beast God Continent in the past. Only now did he possess the strength that allowed him to step onto this foreign land without worrying about the three Saint Emperors.

Jian Chen’s senses could envelop an area of over two hundred thousand kilometers in a single instance and that was not his limit. Even a single ant a hundred thousand kilometers away from him could not escape his senses. They could even reach deep into the ground, allowing him to find anything hidden deep below.

The Beast God Continent was vast, but it was not difficult for Jian Chen to find a person if he had made up his mind. All he needed was some time and energy.

In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen had searched the Beast God Continent for three days. In that time, he had basically looked over every inch of half the continent. Although he had not found any traces of Li Fengxing, he was not flustered at all.

In a few more days, I’ll have searched every inch of this continent. As long as Li Fengxing is still here, he won’t be able to escape my search. If he isn’t, then I’ll go to the Tian Yuan Continent and then the land inhabited by the Hundred Races. If I still can’t find him, I’ll search the entire world after my soul reaches the level of the Origin realm,” Jian Chen thought. He would never let Li Fengxing off the hook, unlike what he did with Kaiser and the tiger emperor. In the battle against the World of Forsaken Saints, the two of them had put in the effort even if it did not amount to much at all. As a result, he had settled his enmity with the two of them then and there. Jian Chen was not the only one who had wanted to kill the two of them after all. Even with Jian Chen out of the picture, they were still the white tiger’s enemies.

Jian Chen’s and Nubis’ senses scoured the land. They arrived in a new region and Jian Chen’s powerful senses swept out in an unstoppable fashion, enveloping over two hundred thousand kilometers.

Jian Chen suddenly opened his eyes a few seconds later. A bright gleam of light immediately flashed through his eyes, and he shot off as a stream of light on the Zi Ying Sword. Nubis followed close behind him.

In an ancient forest rich with the energy of the world, a simple, wooden hut stood by itself on a huge, gray rock. It creaked in the gentle breeze, like an old man at death’s door. It seemed to have almost collapsed in the wind.

It was extremely shabby inside. There were no furniture, like in any other house. The hut was empty. There was nothing aside from a middle-aged, burly man who was seated in there.

The man’s eyes were closed as a tremendous presence leaked form his body. He was clearly cultivating. The extremely lively energy around his body began to calm down, and he gradually opened his eyes.

“The Beast God Continent has suffered heavy losses from the battle against the World of Forsaken Saints. Many experts have died and the Beast God Hall has emptied out. It’s said that cultivating is much easier within the Beast God Hall. It might have been difficult for me to take up a position in the Beast God Hall before, but it’s different now…” The middle-aged man murmured to himself. His eyes shone with eagerness and desire.

However, the man seemed to think of something soon after. His face became extremely ugly in the blink of an eye, and he tightly clenched his fists. Deep fear seemed to appear in his eyes as he growled, “I may not have taken part in the battle against the foreign world, but I’ve heard from many people that a sovereign who’s surpassed Saint Emperor has appeared for the humans on the Tian Yuan Continent. I’ve fallen out with him back in the sea realm, so if he finds me, I’m done for…

“It’s said that the human sovereign has close ties with the Winged Tiger God. If he accompanies the Winged Tiger God to the Beast God Hall, it’ll be impossible for me to avoid him. With that being the case, I still can’t go to the Beast God Hall…

“Whatever. Cultivating in the Beast God Hall really is attractive, but it’s not as important as my life. I can’t go to the Beast God Hall. It’s better for me to cultivate here in peace. That human sovereign’s busy with the matters of the foreign world, so he definitely won’t have time for me. Plus, here’s distant enough from here if he visits the Beast God Hall…”

Li Fengxing released his fist powerlessly. The eagerness he had displayed earlier had vanished from his eyes as well. As soon as he thought about how he had fallen out with the human sovereign, he felt like the end of the world had come, making him shiver inside.

“Li Fengxing, did you think I wouldn’t find you just by fleeing to the Beast God Continent? You’re done for today.” At this moment, a great voice boomed from outside. It caused mountains to collapse and pulverised trees. Li Fengxing’s rickety old hut collapsed  the tremendous sound waves.

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