Chapter 1987: The Red-robed Old Man

Chapter 1987: The Red-robed Old Man

This was the second time Huai An had attacked Jian Chen and Kai Ya. The first time, he had just casually struck out. He did not aim to injure Jian Chen and Kai Ya. Rather, he wanted to draw out the divine king who was hiding in the shadows.

As a result, Jian Chen and Kai Ya were still able to fight back at that time. Even though they were as insignificant as ants to Primordial realm experts, they could still bite back during the prior encounter.

However, now that Jian Chen and Kai Ya were about to enter the spatial battleship, Huai An, who understood the vehicle’s power very well, directly struck out furiously in a panic.

The might of this strike was far greater than the one when he first attacked them. Just the tremendous pressure had frozen Kai Ya and Jian Chen.

Master Chanlong’s face changed all of a sudden. He wanted to hurry back to save Kai Ya, but there was nothing he could do against a strike from a Primordial realm expert.

“Huai An, aren’t you looking down on the Blood Sun Empire too much? It looks like it’s time to show that your Empyrean Demon Cult has become swollen with arrogance.” At this moment, an elderly voice rang out. A red-robed old man had silently appeared above the spatial battleship.

The old man kept his presence concealed, making it impossible to tell his cultivation level or detect his existence. He seemed to have fused with the entire sky when he appeared.

The old man looked at Huai An coldly and raised his right hand calmly. He gently extended a finger towards the hand that reached towards Jian Chen and Kai Ya.

The movement seemed simple. It did not give off any pulses of energy, nor did any particular pressure accompany it. However, the space before the old man suddenly contracted and produced a ripple in space, spreading out at an unbelievable speed.

When Huai An’s huge hand was only ten meters away from Jian Chen and Kai Ya, it suddenly came to a halt. The space around it seemed to have been frozen at that moment.

However, the effects of the gesture clearly did not just end there. In the next moment, the space in the area shattered loudly from the pulse, forming a huge crack. Countless spatial shards and spatial wind surged out, surrounding Huai An’s hand.

The spatial shards and wind were extremely terrifying. Huai An’s hand was reduced to a bloody mess in a single instance from the ravaging of the shards and wind.

Huai An’s gaze was cold. He looked at the old man emotionlessly. The old man had trapped his right hand there, so he had to endure the ravaging of the spatial shards and wind. No matter how hard he tried, his hand remained trapped there.

However, he completely ignored his right hand. He looked at Jian Chen, and his killing intent immediately erupted. With a thought, a sword appeared over his head. It was red as if it had been doused with blood. The moment it appeared, it gave off an extremely heavy smell of blood. The wails of countless ghosts seemed to emerge as countless souls struggled in there.

Clearly, the sword had been covered in blood for who knows how long. It had completely turned into a demonic artifact.


As soon as the sword had appeared, it shot off as a red streak of light, directly slashing through space towards Jian Chen.

Huai An’s desire to kill Jian Chen had already reached the point of no return. Now that Jian Chen was about to board the spatial battleship and leave the Cloud Plane, he could not allow it.

As a result, he basically wanted to kill Jian Chen regardless of the consequences right now, even if he had to offend the Blood Sun Empire, even if he had to lose an arm.

The red sword moved extremely quickly, so fast that distance seemed insignificant before it. With a flash, it arrived before Jian Chen, stabbing towards his head with a bloody presence.

However, it was also at this moment that the space around Jian Chen and Kai Ya pulsed gently. In this moment of life and death, Jian Chen and Kai Ya vanished. The sword hit nothing.

Huai An’s gaze shifted upwards slightly. He looked at the huge cabin door of the spatial battleship and saw that Jian Chen and Kai Ya had already appeared outside the cabin silently. They were just about to enter.

“This person is wanted by our Empyrean Demon Cult. He is related to a major matter that has happened to our cult recently. If you stop me, you are opposing the Empyrean Demon Cult. I will definitely report this matter to the higher-ups. Once the great elder is alarmed, you won’t be able to endure the consequences,” Huai An roared out. With a thought, the sword flashed and continued towards Jian Chen.

He was not afraid of failing to kill Jian Chen. His demonic artifact had the ability to devour souls. Those who were slain by the sword could have their souls directly wiped out if he chose to.

As long as he injured Jian Chen with the sword, even if it just scratched him, his demonic artifact could suck away Jian Chen’s soul instantly.

The red-robed old man did not waver at all from Huai An’s threats, “Do you think that you’ll be able to scare me once you mention the great elder of the Empyrean Demon Cult? I tell you what’s even more funny? A mere Overgod being able to alarm the great elder that rarely ever appears. Huai An, don’t you think what you’re saying is rather hilarious?”

With that, the old man grabbed at space. With his gesture, the world seemed to enter his palm, and the sword that shot towards Jian Chen appeared in his hand silently. The old man gripped the blade with two fingers.

No matter how the sword struggled, it was unable to break free from the old man’s grasp.

At this moment, Kai Ya had already grabbed Jian Chen’s shoulder, entering the spatial battleship with Chanlong. They had vanished from Huai An’s view.

Huai An’s face became terrifyingly sunken. He understood the power of the spatial battleship. Once Jian Chen had entered the cabin, it would mean he had lost his opportunity to eliminate Jian Chen unless this Overgod decided to come out again.

Naturally, the spatial battleship would come across various dangers as it moved through outer space. It would even encounter the attacks of extremely powerful space beasts.

As a result, various formations covered the spatial battleship, making it extremely powerful in terms of both offence and defence. With his cultivation as a First Heavenly Layer Infinite Prime, there was nothing he could do to it.

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