Chapter 10 – Amaze The World

Chapter 10 – Amaze The World


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Some cultivators nearby were completely dumbfounded, and couldn’t help but look around and ask, “Is he really that trash who didn’t advance at all in 8 years?” This Xiao Yun was like a different person to the usual taciturn Xiao Yun.

Another bystander rolled his eyes and said, “Xiao Yun was always a genius, alright. If his cultivation hadn’t stopped progressing 8 years ago, by now, he would have been a world-famous young genius.”

When the people in the vicinity thought about the youth’s talent in the past, they all sighed.

“Has his talent come back?”

“If this young man regained his talent from back then, there would be no one who could compare to him,” another voice sounded out.

Some people weren’t very impressed and said, “Hmph, what talent? He just used poison. So what if someone who hasn’t progressed at all over so many years took a single step? Who knows if it will take him another 8 years to progress a bit more?”

The excitement died down slightly.

If this youth had to wait another few years before breaking through again, his potential would be very limited.

“I think he knew that since his cultivation can’t progress, he learnt some evil techniques to use poison to hurt others,” that person coldly continued.

Everyone else hurriedly nodded. “That’s probably the case.”

A group of good-for-nothings who think they know everything.” Xiao Yun frowned when he heard these sorts of discussions. However, rather than becoming angry at them, it would be better for him to devote himself to his cultivation, then amaze the world when the time was right.

In this world where power was supreme, strength was what gained people’s respect.

Xiao Yun picked up his parcel and strode off towards the Xiao family’s residence.

Although most people were discussing quietly, some people were filled with disdain towards Xiao Yun, but no one dared to do anything to him.

Even Fang Wei, who was at the Eighth Layer of Body Tempering, was somehow poisoned - why would they take the risk?

The Fang family’s youths found a stretcher and carried Fang Wei off.

After returning to the Xiao family’s residence, Xiao Yun immediately went to his room to neutralise the poison.

Just then, when he had continuously fought with the Fang family’s people, he had circulated the Essence Qi within his body; this caused some of the poison that remained within his body to spread. This sort of situation was quite dangerous for most people, but with the Martial Spirit, Xiao Yun wasn’t too worried.

Xiao Yun activated his Martial Spirit, and a brilliant jade-green light shot out and covered his entire body. The remaining poison within his body was absorbed into the jade-green branch, which caused Xiao Yun’s slightly ashen face to return to its normal colour.

Next, he needed to use his Martial Spirit to completely neutralise this poison.

Xiao Yun’s Martial Spirit had a mystical power, and was not only able to neutralise Chilling Qi, but also poisons.

However, the poison within Yan Shi Fei’s body was too strong. After all, she had been poisoned by an Innate realm Violet Underworld Cloud Beast, and the poison was much stronger than a demonic beast at the Body Tempering realm. As such, it took Xiao Yun quite a lot of effort to neutralise the poison, even with his Martial Spirit. Every time, he would be completely exhausted afterwards.

 Xiao Yun started to control the Martial Spirit to guide the poison to the jade-green leaf.

This leaf contained the Martial Spirit’s essence, and could neutralise poison.

As Xiao Yun slowly neutralised the poison, he suddenly had a realisation and decided to keep some of it. “Since I can use this poison to attack others, why not save some and keep it as another powerful card up my sleeve?

Just then, when he had fought with Fang Wei, he had used his Martial Spirit to force some of the poison into Fang Wei’s skin. That was how he had won against some at the Eighth Layer of Body Tempering.

Xiao Yun realised that if he could use the Martial Spirit’s traits to his advantage, he would be able to defeat someone with even a battle type Martial Spirit.

Xiao Yun gathered some of the poison on top of the leaf, but did not neutralise it.

Of course, Xiao Yun didn’t dare to leave behind too much. Otherwise, it could harm his Martial Spirit and his body and mind.

This Martial Spirit can only support me, and I can’t rely too much on it. If I want to become truly strong, I need to hurry and step into the Innate realm.” After concentrating the remaining poison on the leaf, Xiao Yun brought his mind out from the Martial Spirit and got up, preparing to go out.

The Essence Qi here is too thin; I need to go to the Violet Cloud Mountain again.” Not only was the Heaven and Earth Essence Qi at the Violet Cloud Mountain dense, there was also Fire Essence Qi, which could provide nutrition for his Martial Spirit.

As long as he fulfilled the requirements to upgrade his Martial Spirit, he wouldn’t have to worry about his hard-earned Essence Qi being stolen.

Though it was dark at night, Xiao Yun left the Xiao family’s residence by himself and headed towards the Violet Cloud Mountain.

The Essence Qi at the Violet Cloud Mountain was quite dense, but it was a pity that there were quite a few Innate realm demonic beasts which made it an incredibly dangerous place. Since Xiao Yun was only at the Seventh Layer of Body Tempering, he didn’t dare to delve too deep into the mountain, and found a Fire Origin near the outer regions of the mountain.

This Fire Spring was about as big as a well, and there was lava bubbling within it. The dense Fire Essence Qi rumbled out of it, looking incredibly bright under the night sky.

Xiao Yun sat cross-legged next to the Fire Spring as the jade-green branch extended out of his hand. It stabbed into the lava as it began to absorb Fire Essence Qi, turning it into its own resources.

Meanwhile, Xiao Yun used his family’s secret art to guide the Heaven and Earth Qi into his body, circulating it within his dantian.

The stars in the night sky twinkled as the youth continued to painstakingly cultivate…

In the blink of an eye, a day passed, and Xiao Yun’s Martial Spirit had absorbed all of the Fire Essence Qi within this Fire Spring.

Within Xiao Yun’s sea of consciousness, the Martial Spirit had become even bigger and stronger. The light that the red leaf gave off was incredibly dense, and the Fire Essence Qi that it contained seemed to be many times more powerful. The blistering heat waves it would be able to produce would be able to shake any scene.

However, Xiao Yun was not satisfied. He found another Fire Origin as he continued to absorb Fire Essence Qi.

Slowly, the Essence Qi within Xiao Yun’s dantian became denser, and he could feel himself getting closer to breaking through.

“In just a short while, I’ll be able to rush into the Eighth Layer of Body Tempering!” Xiao Yun was incredibly excited. The Eighth Layer of Body Tempering was not far off from the Innate realm. He would become one of the strongest within his generation.

The next day, as the sun rose, Xiao Yun was still absorbing Essence Qi into his body, preparing to break through to the Eighth Layer of Body Tempering.

By now, it had been 2 days since Xiao Yun had injured Fang Wei.

After the sun rose, not too long after the Xiao family’s residence’s doors were opened, a crowd of people aggressively walked over.

It was the Fang family’s people.

After some talking, they were invited into the Xiao family’s guest hall.

“It’s the Fang family’s people!”

“What are they doing here?”

“I heard that young master Yun injured Fang Wei, and the Fang family’s people are here for revenge.”

After the Fang family’s people entered, the people within the Xiao family began to quickly discuss, as everyone found out what had happened. “What? Xiao Yun injured Fang Wei? How’s that possible? Hasn’t Xiao Yun, that piece of trash, been stuck at the Sixth Layer of Body Tempering for 8 years?”

“There’s much you don’t know. Young master Xiao Yun broke through to the Seventh Layer of Body Tempering a few days ago, and even heavily injured Xiao Li,” one of the Xiao family’s people said.

When everyone heard this, they became quite interested. “Oh, something like that happened? Could it be that young master Xiao Yun’s talent has returned?”

“That, I don’t know. However, it was said that he used poison to injure the Fang family’s young master Fang Wei,” that person said.

Everyone frowned and sighed. “Used poison? Who would have thought that young master Yun would have fallen to such a point that he would use such despicable methods. He must have realised he would never have much accomplishments on the martial path, so he resorted to going down such a path.”

“What a pity.” Many people of the Xiao family shook their heads since they thought Xiao Yun had fallen.

Within the Xiao family’s guest hall, some of the Xiao family’s elders were seated, feeling shocked.

On the left were the Fang family’s people. There were 7 of them in total, looking incredibly fierce, as if they were going to criticise the Xiao family’s people violently.

Within the Fang family’s people, there was an ashen-faced youth sitting on a wooden armchair.

Rather than sit, he was more so leaning, because he had completely lost consciousness.

Naturally, this youth was Fang Wei.

An elder in his fifties from the Fang family said with a grave expression, “Why has Xiao Yun still not come yet?”

One of the Xiao family’s elders gave an awkward laugh and said, “Haha, we’ve already sent out people to find him; he should be back soon.”

A middle-aged man wearing an embroidered robe asked, “Xiao Yun has injured my son; how do you plan to punish him?”

This man was Fang Xun, Fang Wei’s father.

One of the Xiao family’s elders smiled, and was about to say whatever the Fang family wanted. “Naturally…”

However, a handsome middle-aged man standing at the right of the main seat said with a cold expression, “This matter has not been investigated clearly yet; we’ll make a decision when Yun’Er gets back.” He looked like he wasn’t going to give in.

This was Xiao Hai, the Xiao family’s patriarch’s second son. He was Xiao Yun’s second uncle.

One of the Fang family’s youths gave off an incredibly sharp aura and said, “Looks like you’re not planning to hand over Xiao Yun, that trash. Since it’s like this, prepare to face the fury of my Fang family. We won’t allow my little brother to be injured for nothing.”

The Xiao family’s elders all frowned when they heard this youth spoke.

This youth was called Fang Hao, and he was the Fang family’s genius. Although he was only 16 years old, he had already reached the ‘complete’ stage of the Ninth Layer of Body Tempering.

What’s more, he had awakened the Fang family’s Ice Martial Spirit, and his potential was limitless.

Only Xiao Yun had awakened a Martial Spirit in the Xiao family, but everyone knew his Martial Spirit was a trash Martial Spirit.

If Fang Hao were to become more powerful, how would the Xiao family contend with the Fang family?

As such, when this youth spoke, all of the Xiao family’s elders’ expression became serious, and the atmosphere became incredibly tense.

“Haha, young master Fang, don’t worry. We’ll discuss this more when Xiao Yun arrives,” Xiao Hong said, seated on the main seat.

“Alright, we’ll wait then. I hope young master Xiao won’t drag the Xiao family down with him because of this.” Although Fang Hao was quite young, he didn’t put his seniors in his eyes at all, and his words contained a veiled threat.

After awakening a Martial Spirit, Fang Hao was destined to reign above those in his generation and became a strong expert. Naturally, for someone who was going to enter the martial world, a small place like the Violet Cloud City was not a place that could contain him, so he didn’t place these people in his eyes.

To Fang Hao, these people were all mere ants.

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