Chapter 1013: One Star Dou Zong

Chapter 1013: One Star Dou Zong

Yao Lao within the light cluster looked at the frowning purple-clothed, old man in the large, dark-black hall. He involuntarily laughed, “Qin Tian, are you feeling an uneasiness?”

The expression of the purple-clothed, old man became slightly cold when he heard Yao Lao’s words. He faintly said, “Yao Chen, you should just look after yourself. If the hall’s chief did not fancy your alchemist skill, do you think that you would have lived until now?”

Yao Lao’s head moved a little. It caused the chain to emit a ‘clang’ sound. His eyelids were slowly shut as he coldly laughed, “The old me is not a softie like you.”

“A wise person would recognize the situation. Putting up a futile resistance is the most foolish thing to do. With your alchemist skills, the only people on this Dou Qi continent who could compare with you are likely only those few old people who will not die in the Pill Tower. If you join the ‘Hall of Souls,’ your position will definitely be even higher than mine. Why do you want to suffer in this place?” The purple-clothed, old man slowly spoke.

Ridicule surfaced on Yao Lao’s face, but he was too lazy to bother with the other person.

“I think you have a clear understanding of just what kind of strength the ‘Hall of Souls’ possesses. Otherwise, given your haughtiness, it is impossible for you to hide for so many years. Although this place is only a branch hall of the ‘Hall of Souls,’ do you really think that your disciple can barge in here?” The purple-clothed, old man scornfully spoke.

“Any words that are spoken now will only gain a verbal victor. Everything will reveal a result when the time comes.” Yao Lao smiled when he heard this. His originally turbid eyes had become exceptionally bright.

The expression of the purple-clothed, old man sank upon seeing this. He coldly laughed, “That disciple of yours is called Xiao Yan, right? If I have guessed correctly, it is likely that he has also arrived in the Central Plains. Good. This venerable self (Dou Zun) shall wait for him to come. However, hopefully he will be able to survive while being chased after by the ‘Hall of Souls’!”

After saying those words, the purple-clothed, old man swung his sleeves. The space beside him became distorted. He slowly disappeared into that distorted space in a strange manner.

Yao Lao’s fist was slightly clenched as he stared at the spot where the purple-clothed, old man had disappeared. He immediately let out a soft laugh as both his eyes were gradually shut…

After the end of the conversation between the two, the incomparably large hall once again became deathly silent…


At the top of Heaven Eye Mountain, the strong outpour slowly started to stop. Warm sunlight fell from the grond and brightened up the whole mountain. The environment after rain was extremely fresh.

The human figure in the sky maintained a still stance for a long while before it suddenly shook. Those tightly shut eyes were also slowly opened. A killing intent surged within those dark-black eyes.

“Teacher, wait for me.”

Xiao Yan inhaled a deep breath of air and suppressed the churning killing intent within his heart. His tightly clenched hands were slowly opened.

The purple-clothed, old man whom he had seen this time around should be the first genuine elite Dou Zun that Xiao Yan had ever met. That vast pressure was indeed extremely terrifying. Fortunately, the current Xiao Yan was no longer that little fellow who had just advanced into the Dou Huang class back then. He was still able to remain calm under that pressure. This was many times better when compared to that last time where he was shattered by the pressure before he could even see the other party.

Xiao Yan had learned a lot after entering that large, dark-black hall. Of course, the thing that reassured Xiao Yan was that Yao Lao was still safe. Although Yao Lao’s situation might not appear good, at the very least there was no sign of his life being in danger. Even though this was the case, Xiao Yan knew that he needed to speed up. It was not easy for Yao Lao to be able to endure for so many years. If he were to drag on for another couple of years, it was difficult to say just what would happen.

“Once I have settled the matter here, I will head to that Wind Lightning Pavilion. I must find Feng zun-zhe no matter what. I must get his help in order to rescue Yao Lao as soon as possible.”

Xiao Yan heaved a gentle sigh of relief after making up his mind. His mind sunk into his body and sensed it carefully. Currently, the interior of his body seemed to have undergone a complete transformation. The veins within had not only widened by more than ten times their previous size, but there was even a faint Dou Qi crystal layer around his veins and even his bones. Moreover, they were repeatedly emitting a weak glow.

Xiao Yan clenched his fist and threw out a punch without any fancy moves. One could see the space around his fist become distorted. A low ear-piercing sonic boom sounded over the sky like thunder. This simple punch was even stronger than the Octane Blast Xiao Yan had displayed with all his strength back then!

Dou Zong and Dou Huang were indeed two completely different levels!

“My current strength should have already stabilized at the level of a one star Dou Zong, saving me quite a lot time needed to get use to it. This is likely an effect of the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool.” Xiao Yan softly muttered to himself. Most of the people would have to undergo quite a long period of familiarization in order to truly reach a one star Dou Zong yet Xiao Yan had currently skipped this step and successfully reached the level of a one star Dou Zong.

Although this one star Dou Zong might seem unworthy of being mentioned, the gap between every star within the Dou Zong class was enormous. If one were to rely on normal training, requiring many years or even more time than a decade in order to raise one’s strength by one star was not rare.

Xiao Yan was exclaiming his good luck within his heart when his gaze turned to the rock pavilion near the mouth of the volcano. He saw Jin Shi and Jin Gu at a glance. Immediately, his feet moved. He slowly stepped through empty air and descended from the sky. Finally, he landed in the rock pavilion.

“Haha, little friend Xiao Yan, congratulations on advancing to the Dou Zong class.”

Jin Gu smiled when he saw Xiao Yan land in the rock pavilion. His manner of addressing Xiao Yan had changed without him realizing it. Currently Xiao Yan was considered someone in the same class as them. Moreover, he was aware that Xiao Yan possessed quite a number of hidden trump cards. It was likely that even he would not be a match for Xiao Yan if they were to really fight.

Regardless of where one was, one’s strength would ultimately determine one’s treatment. Although Xiao Yan did possess the strength to fight with an expert Dou Zong in the past, he was ultimately just a Dou Huang. In the eyes of many Dou Zongs, it was ultimately difficult to view him as someone on the same level as them. Now that Xiao Yan had successfully advanced to the Dou Zong class, it was only natural that Jin Gu and Jin Shi would not treat him the same when dealing with him. Therefore, their words were a little more courteous.

“I was merely lucky. If elder Jin Shi had not provided me with the training spot, it is likely that Xiao Yan would have found it difficult to break through.” Xiao Yan cupped his hands toward the two and chuckled. These words were indeed true. If he had not trained in the Heaven Mountain Blood Pool, it was likely impossible for Xiao Yan to breakthrough the Dou Huang class without at least a year.

Jin Shi grinned when he heard this. He said, “We are only getting what we want. The old me is unable to shoulder this thanks. However, you have exceeded the old me’s expectation by remaining in the Blood Pool for over two months. Even I do not dare to stay within it for such a long time.”

“I have trained for over two months huh…” Xiao Yan was startled. His gaze swept around him, but he did not see Nalan Yanran and the others.

“Feng Qing Er and the rest have long since left. Currently, you are the only one left on the Heaven Eye Mountain. That’s right. That friend of yours had stayed here for a period of time before leaving. From the looks of her anxious manner before she left, it is likely that something has happened.” Jin Gu said.

“Nalan Yanran has also left?” Xiao Yan was a little surprised when he heard this. Immediately, he nodded. It was fortunate that he was already aware of Yun Yun’s whereabouts. When he had the time, he would head to the Flower Sect and see how she was doing.

“Little friend Xiao Yan. Currently, you have successfully broken through the Dou Huang class. I wonder…” Jin Shi hesitated for a moment before suddenly speaking.

Xiao Yan was naturally aware of what Jin Shi wanted to say when he saw his inability to express himself. He immediately beamed and said, “Elder Jin Shi, you can rest assured that Xiao Yan is not someone who does no work after benefitimg. Leave the Heaven Mountain Fire Poison in your body to me.”

Jin Shi and Jin Gu sighed in relief when they heard this. Jin Shi was considered the strongest person in the Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe. Their tribe was able to occupy this Heaven Eye Mountain because of the deterrence of the two of them. If Jin Shi were to end up dying because of the fire poison, it would definitely be a great loss to the Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe.

“These are some medicinal ingredients needed to expel the Heaven Mountain Fire Poison. I did not prepare them. Hence, I’m afraid that I will have to trouble the two of you.” Xiao Yan took out a white piece of paper from his Storage Ring. After which, he wrote some medicinal ingredients on it, and handed it to Jin Shi and Jin Gu.

Jin Gu by the side hurriedly received the white paper. His gaze swept over it. He immediately laughed, “It’s not a problem. This Heaven Eye Mountain Range is filled with medicinal ingredients. Our Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe also has a rich stockpile after so many years. Although these medicinal ingredients are rare, it is likely that they can reach little friend Xiao Yan’s hand by this afternoon.”

Jin Gu and Jin Shi were also aware of some of the alchemist’s tradition. If they wanted the alchemist to refine a medicinal pill, they needed to prepare their own medicinal ingredients. These alchemists only needed to refine a pill.

Jin Gu swiftly left the rock pavilion after receiving the white paper. After which, he rushed to the middle of the mountain. He needed to prepare all of these medicinal ingredients as fast as possible

Xiao Yan smiled when he saw Jin Gu disappear.

“Little friend Xiao Yan, if you are able to expel the fire poison from my body, the Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe will treat you as a lifetime friend. Although my Gold Swallowing Mouse Tribe cannot compare with those ancient families, we also do have a reputation in the Magical Beast world. Moreover, due to our large numbers, we are aware of a large amount of information. If one were to think about it, we can be considered as very knowledgeable individuals within the Magical Beast world.” Jin Shi’s gaze slowly slide from Jin Gu’s body to Xiao Yan as he softly laughed.

Xiao Yan’s heart moved when he heard this. He hesitated for a moment before suddenly asking, “In that case, can I inquire about something from elder Jin Shi?”

“Please ask.” Jin Shi responded.

“May I know if elder Jin Shi has heard of the Gu clan?” Xiao Yan licked his lips and slowly asked.

“Gu clan?”

These two simple words, however, caused Jin Shi’s expression to instantly change.

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