Chapter 4: RUN!!!!!

GOR Chapter 4: RUN!!!!!

Chen Xiaolian left at around five in the morning.

For the next few hours, he felt himself falling into the depths of despair.

He walked toward the south… his watch only has the south indicating function.

He walked about within the forest for around three hours. After that, he saw…



As the rolling ocean waves crashed down on the rocks, Chen Xiaolian’s heart felt a little disappointed.

He also had a faint feeling of unease.

The reason being… on his way there, he did not see any traces of human existence, not in the forest nor the coastline.

The coastline stretched out for a considerably long distance and the sandy beaches were quite the sight to behold. From a tourism perspective, this was a very suitable spot to be developed into a holiday destination. However, there were no traces of human activity there at all.

The beach was clean, devoid of any leftover items or rubbish that could indicate human activity.

The same held true for the forest.

Chen Xiaolian furiously roared out against the ocean, venting out the rage within his heart for a moment.

“I do not believe that I will fail to find anyone!”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian forcefully kicked a stone away.

Considering how many people had disappeared from the airplane, it must mean that they had left… that meant there should be people here. They must have been rescued. However, why did they leave without taking him along?

Well, for them to not take that corpse with them was understandable. After all, it was very obvious that the person had already died…

But I am not dead!!!

There was also that Korean loli, and the flight attendant. They are not dead!!!

Why did they not save us three?!

Chen Xiaolian vowed that when he found them, he would give the airplane captain a vicious beating.

He retraced his steps and returned.

It was about four in the afternoon when Chen Xiaolian finally returned to the plane’s location.

Spotting the ruined airplane, Chen Xiaolian gave a sigh of relief.

En! I did not get lost! If I had ended up getting lost in the forest, then I would be as good as dead.

However, when Chen Xiaolian made his way back to the plane’s location, he suddenly froze.

The fire had been extinguished, and…

The two females were gone.

“Damn it! You cannot be serious! Both of them ran off on their own?!!”

Chen Xiaolian suddenly felt himself about to fall into madness.

The fatigue from walking for a whole day, plus the hunger in his stomach… the two bottles of mineral water had long since been fully consumed by him.

“They actually left without waiting for me? Did someone rescue them?” Chen Xiaolian furiously kicked the ashes of the fire.

It was at that moment in time that he suddenly heard a voice.

The voice had come from the wrecked aircraft cabin.

He turned his head to see a head partially sticking out from the damaged aircraft cabin. It was the flight attendant.

The flight attendant was in a dishevelled state. Her face that had originally been very beautiful was currently facing him as she screamed out in an incredibly sharp voice.

“{E_here}!!! {E_here}!!!”

A small feeling of relief appeared within Chen Xiaolian’s heart. He was relieved to know that he was not the only one left…

He smiled wryly as he walked toward the wrecked airplane. As he was walking there, he shouted out without caring if they understood him. “Didn’t I say do not move away? Do you know how scared I was when I saw no one there…”

The face of the Japanese flight attendant suddenly became filled with fear and she screamed out in a panicked voice: “{RUN}!!!!!!!!”

In the future, whenever Chen Xiaolian recalled the events of today, he would be visited by an abnormal feeling of relief. He felt relief at the way he had reacted.

Back then, he did not make any redundant motions. He had not uttered any nonsense nor did he leisurely tried to seek an explanation from the other party.

Once he heard the Japanese flight attendant’s scream, his body seemed to move out of instinct. It was as though his heart itself had already determined the quickest response for him.

Chen Xiaolian did not even bother hesitating nor did he tried to contemplate anything. The very first thing he did was…

Run with all his might!

Run at the fastest possible speed that he could achieve. Run toward the wrecked aircraft cabin.

In just a few seconds of time after he began running, Chen Xiaolian heard a loud roar coming from behind him.

It was not possible to decide what kind of wild animal it was through the sound of the roar. As for Chen Xiaolian, he had only one thought running through his mind.


His heart pounded in a seemingly thunderous tone and he saw that the distance between him and the panicked face of the Japanese flight attendant had been shortened.

Without showing any hesitation, Chen Xiaolian decisively squeezed out every last drop of strength that he could muster.

When he arrived at the entrance to the wrecked aircraft cabin, a flash of thought was suddenly bestowed on him and he vigorously jumped toward the breach on the body of the wrecked plane. Using that comical and exaggerated move, he flew in through the gap of the breach.

From behind him came the heavy sound of a muffled bang.


It was as though a heavy object had viciously struck the outside of the aircraft cabin.

After Chen Xiaolian landed, before even adjusting his posture, he hastily turned his head around to take a glance behind.

That one glance nearly suffocated him.

It was a huge pitch-black shadow about two meters in height and a body covered in long black fur. The huge mass of darkness slammed into the outer layer of the passenger compartment and fell onto ground. Rolling around for a bit, it got up, raised its head, bared its fangs and let out a roar.

The pair of sharp and curved fangs and the gaping mouth left a shocking impression upon Chen Xiaolian’s mind!

In his eighteen years of experience since the day of his birth, he had amassed a messy assortment of knowledge from books, televisions, zoo and even the ‘National Geographic’ series…

He swore in the name of the celebrated King of Outdoor Survival, Bear Grylls!

This thing… was something that Chen Xiaolian could not recognize at all.

It… What is that thing?!

It possessed the body of a wild boar, a feline looking head, with a sharp horn resembling that of a rhinoceros growing out of its nose. Its humongous mouth sported a sharp pair of curved fangs.

As for how violent and strong its gigantic body was, there was no need to elaborate. Its eyes, on the other hand…

What the hell!

Have you ever seen a feline animal with four eyes? Two on the right and two on the left!!

The monster turned its body around as it maintained its position. Facing the wrecked passenger compartment, it let out a loud roar. It shook its head and then began charging with no less ferocity as it did earlier toward the aircraft cabin again.

This time around, Chen Xiaolian was able to witness everything clearly.

Before the monster was able to slam into the ruined aircraft cabin, the surface of the cabin suddenly emitted a blue arc of light. It was this blue arc of light that had fiercely ‘propelled’ the monster out.

The monster fell to the ground after being beaten off by the blue arc of light and howled, a seemingly pain-filled howl. It growled resentfully twice and circled around its position twice. Suddenly, its body went upright and its stout front paw viciously struck down a tree trunk just beside it.

Heavens be my witness! The thick tree, which had roughly the same diameter as Chen Xiaolian’s waist, was instantly broken off and the trunk was sent flying off into the distance.

Chen Xiaolian’s eyeballs nearly fell to the ground.

The monster slapped its nose and gave Chen Xiaolian, who was within the passenger compartment, a vicious stare. With a look of unwillingness, it then turned its humongous body around and slowly entered the woods. It then disappeared into the jungle.

“I… WQNMLGB[1]!! Son of a bitch! Is this a movie set!!!”

Chen Xiaolian felt himself on the brink of mentally collapsing. “What is this?! Are we even still on Earth?!!”

1 WQNMLGB: A popular online expletive in China.“我去年买了个表”, pinyin: “wǒ qùnián mǎile gè biǎo” = "i bought a watch last year" . It is a twisted version of “我去你妈嘞个逼”, pinyin: “wǒ qù nǐ mā lei gè bī” which means something along the lines of doing 'something' to someone's mother.

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