Chapter 201 - Do you have the requirements?

Chapter 201 - Do you have the requirements?

Everyone looked towards the voice.

They could see a young man wearing a brocaded robe around twenty years of age, holding his nose with one hand with irritation amidst all the dust. His other hand was constantly patting at some dirt on his sleeve, and was currently screaming for the doctors to attend to him.

This young man had purple-coloured silk robe, eagle nose, and his eyebrows were like blades. There was a scarlet red long sword held at his waist, and there was the pattern of the Great Dipper on the hilt of the sword. Every star was the colour of faint purple, and there was an indistinct peculiarity about it. There was a thick sense of self-importance in the tone of his words.

A person from the sects?

Ye Qingyu faintly frowned.

From the appearance of this hook nosed young man, he was evidently someone from the sects. This type of attitude where he thought he was better than anyone else was exceedingly similar to the people of the Jianghu he had met today at the [Breeze and Drizzle building]. They were evidently the same kind of people.

"Your senior brother is?" The scholarly minor military officer turned his head to look at the hook nosed young man. Giving off a gesture, he directed the military doctor to give emergency treatment to the old woman.

"Violet Seven Stars sect, [Heartbroken Palm], Qi Yong, is my senior brother." The hook nosed man had a face of pride and braggery, saying, "What about it? Do you know right now… whatever, talking to a tiny little officer like you is like playing a harp to a cow. Where is the doctor, quickly follow me…”

Violet Seven Stars sect?

Everyone let out a breath of shock together.

The Violet Seven Stars sect was one of the six greatest sects within Snow Empire, similar to the Crepe Myrtle sect. It could also be counted as one of the top secret martial grounds within the borders of Snow Empire. If one was comparing history and background, then the Violet Seven Stars sect had an even longer history than the Crepe Myrtle sect. It was an extremely ancient sect.

The scholarly young officer looked at the rather serious injury of the young man and his old mother that had already fallen unconscious. There was a face of conflict on him as he said, "Little brother, we only have one doctor here right now. There are also several injured people in the tent that needs treatment. If the injury of your senior brother is not particularly serious, then please wait for a short moment, or perhaps bring him towards the tent for treatment. How about this?"

Such a method could be counted as solving matters in a fair manner.

Ye Qingyu once again gave a second glance towards this scholarly military officer.

[Youyan army’s] lower ranking officers had really been trained well, one could not help but praise them. Comparatively, the soldiers of the camps that were the main participants of battle, their quality was higher many times over than the soldiers of the supply department. This made Ye Qingyu's impression of the [Youyan army] rise significantly.

But— "Who is your little brother? Are you fit to call me as brother? Also, what did you just say? Did you just dare to deny me?"

The hook nosed Viloet Seven Stars disciple instantly began inexplicably shouting.

In his eyes, there were both shock and rage. Pointing his finger at the nose of the minor military officer, he scolded loudly, "You are only a tiny low ranking officer. In my eyes, you are not even a fart. I give face to the [Youyan army] by asking you, but you really think you are someone special, to dare deny me? Are you looking to die? Speak, what is your name?"

Ye Qingyu nearly spurted out.

Just what kind of illness did he have?

Was he not just discussing matters with you?

Just when did he reject your request?

Was there a problem with the brain of this Violet Seven Stars sect disciple?

The scholarly young man was taken back. Evidently, he was also somewhat nonplussed by the fierce reaction of the hook nosed disciple.

But his temperament was extremely well. He patiently waited until the hook nosed young man had finished scolding him and pointing at his nose, covering his entire face with spit, then said, "I am discussing this with you right now. There is only one military doctor, and there are many injured people over there, therefore…” "Saying so many things to me, I don't even care. Just say it. Will you fucking allow the military doctor to follow me over?" The hook nosed Violet Seven Stars disciple was like a rabid dog.

There were expressions of rage on the surrounding soldiers.

Although he was a disciple of a great sect, but this was far too arrogant.

The minor officer's expression was calm as it ever was. Taking a step back, he avoided the finger of the hook nosed man from stabbing into his eyes. With a smile, "Then can you bring your senior disciple here, so it will be more convenient…"

Before he had finished, the hook nosed Violet Seven Stars sect disciple left in a rage.

"You wait."

He left his parting words.

Everyone looked at each other.

Just what was this?

He completely did not listen to reason at all.

Ye Qingyu had a faint feeling in his heart, that from the current performance of this Violet Seven Stars sect disciple, the matter would not end as easily as this. He had already personally experienced the arrogance and overbearingness of the people from the sects "Fine, everything's good, everyone quickly get on with their business." The minor officer acted as if nothing had happened, clapping his hands and continuing to direct people in aiding the injured people.

Doctor Xu was extremely well-practiced as he took care of the wounds, bandaging it. Thankfully, he was well-experienced and there was not a lack of medicines and the like. The injuries of the young man and his mother very quickly stabilized, with no current threat to their lives.

Seeing that the old woman had stopped moaning and her breathing stabilized, the young man was extremely grateful.

He did not pay attention to his own wounds, rushing to kneel in front of the officer as well as the military doctor to express his thanks. Then he came to in front of Ye Qingyu, respectfully paying his thanks, "Thank you my benefactors, thank you. I, Wang Xiao'er will forever engrave this great kindness you have done for me… if not for you guys, my mother would have definitely died. My lowly life will forever belong to you, my lords…”

"Little brother, quickly get up. Saving someone is something that we should be doing anyway." The scholarly young military officer quickly assisted Wang Xiao'er up.

The time right now was already somewhat late.

The others quickly utilized the time to give aid, completely searching through the collapsed structures carefully.

With Ye Qingyu's aid, a person with herculean strength, the process of giving aid underwent smoothly without problems. Before the sun had set, the area the minor officer was in charge of was basically completely clean and finished. Every survivor was safely extracted and was currently undergoing treatment. Ye Qingyu slapped his hands. The dirt all around his body as well as the bloodstains left over from the battle were still there, but his mood was extremely good.

He had originally come from a common background. When he was small, he grew up playing in the commoner's area. Today, he once again interacted with the citizens of Youyan Pass. It made him faintly feel that he had once again returned to the feeling that he possessed when he was small. It made him feel even more satisfied than cultivating for the entire day. For Ye Qingyu, this was a relaxation of his mind and spirit.

"Little brother, thank you for today. You've done us a great help." The minor officer patted Ye Qingyu on the shoulder, continuously expressing his thanks. He said again, "With such a natural divine strength, you are definitely a good material for practicing martial arts. It's a pity… your age is slightly too old to start. But you will still be in time if you start now. How about this, are you interested to join the Vanguard? There are several martial instructors within the Vanguard, it will allow you to fully utilize your heaven sent divine strength."

This military officer was not able to recognize Ye Qingyu's real identity.

Ye Qingyu had a faint smile. "I will consider it well. Officer… there are still matters that I have to attend to at home, farewell."

Saying this, he turned and left.

"Eh? What's your name? The contributions you have made today, I will return and report it to my officer and mark it down. There will also be a monetary reward sent to your house…" the scholarly officer shouted loudly.

Ye Qingyu smiled, waving his hand, indicating it was fine. He turned and disappeared in a street far off.

"This little kid is definitely good material . I wonder why he has not entered the military," the scholarly officer said such words calmly, a slightly smile on his face.

The surrounding people also smiled.

Ye Qingyu's performance had left a very good impression with everyone.

At this time, cold laughter came from the side.

“Haha, Li Xiu, is this the minor officer that you mentioned?" Another young man wearing decadent purple robes came from the side, his complexion white and clean. He seemed to not even be twenty years of age, with a nobility and a bossiness about him. The clothing he was wearing was the attire of the disciples of the Violet Seven Stars sect.

Behind him were five or six other Violet Seven Stars sect disciples, their atmosphere unfriendly.

One of them was namely the madly furious hook nosed man that came to find a military doctor.

“That's right junior disciple Lin. This minor military officer is utterly arrogant, he completely did not give face to the Violet Seven Stars sect." The hook nosed man embellished and exaggerated the story as he retold the tale. The gaze that he looked at the officer with was filled with sinisterness and glee.

"You are the disciples of the Violet Seven Stars sect? I wonder if the senior disciple, [Heartbreaking Palm] Qi Yong, has arrived?" The complexion of the minor officer did not change, clasping his hands. "The military doctor will be free in a moment, he can inspect the injuries of your senior brother…" "hahaha…" the hook nosed man began laughing madly, pointing at the nose of the scholarly man. Loudly shouting, "Brutish dog, are you afraid right now? I peh, do you regret your actions beforehand? Your military doctor is free right now, but my senior brother Qi is not free now… to play games with me, I'll make your dog eyes blind."

The minor officer still did not get angry, patiently explaining, "Everything is first come first served. Furthermore, the situation was…" "I don't want to hear your many explanations." The person called junior disciple Lin impatiently waved his hand. "What's your name? Say it, and come personally to apologize in front of senior brother Qi. If you do so, I will not pursue this matter any further."

As these words were said, the surrounding civilians and soldiers were enraged.

These disciples of the sects were perhaps far too arrogant and despotic. One could not even see their shadow when others were giving aid, but right now they came to cause a disturbance and insult others. This really was taking it too far.

This scholarly military officer frowned. "I still have matters to attend to, I can't leave. How about this, after I finish allocating the injured members, then I'll come over and apologize personally to your senior brother Qi.”

His temperament was unexpectedly good.

But this noble young man would not give him any leeway at all. " Right now, come and apologize this instant. If you delay any longer, I'll break your legs and drag you like dragging a dead dog."

At this time, the soldiers beside him could not bear it any longer, angrily shouting, "You people of the sects are taking it too far, pressing us every time. Just where do you think this is? This is Youyan Pass, the great headquarters of the [Youyan army]. A crowd of Jianghu people to dare point and direct an officer of the Empire?"

The hook nosed man and the others hearing this, fell silent for a while.

Then there was great laughter coming from them.

"Hahahaha…" "The officers of the Empire? I'm so afraid." "Junior brother Lin, it seems like these brutes still do not know our identity.“ "Hey hey, quickly tell them junior brother Lin's identity, otherwise these military brutes will not admit defeat."

The young Violet Seven Stars sect disciples mocked them, looking at the soldiers like they were looking at clowns.

The lips of junior brother Lin also curled in a mocking and faint curve.

The hook nosed man standing next to junior brother Lin cleared his throat and said in a gleeful manner, "Listen well, my junior brother Lin, is the grandnephew of the Right Minister. Inheriting riches and honour, he is a fourth class Imperial Marquis. He is someone from a true family with the pure blood of the nobility of the Empire running through him… Haha, how about it. With junior brother Lin's status, to teach a tiny little officer like you a lesson, does he have the requirements?"

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