Chapter 235 - I am called Ye Congyun

Chapter 235 - I am called Ye Congyun

“No, no, no… wait a moment, listen to what I have to say… Officer Sang, mercy, I'll say anything, I'm willing to do anything…" The Qi Yong who had previously put up a fearsome display, was right now pitiful to watch. HIs face was covered with snot and tears, his features contorted. He did his utmost to beg for his life, and if not for the fact that his body was sealed with frost, he would long have knelt and bowed.

"Look, just how laughable this situation is. In these past couple of days, you've tried to make me confess through all sorts of methods, wanting to loosen my mouth. The end result is that you are rushing to say anything…" Sang Fusheng smiled a little. "Do you think you are pitiful or not? For trash like you, what's the point of living longer?" "I…" Qi Yong opened his mouth, wanting to say something.


The flash of the blade was like lightning.

His head, directly flew through the air.

"It's a pity, I don't want to hear your answer." Sang Fusheng shook his head, a disgusted expression appearing on his face.

After consecutively striking out, it made him slightly tired. He originally was not in too great a condition through how much his body had gone through already. Letting out a long sigh, he rubbed away the bloodstains on the blade, frowning as he said, "The sword is too rusty, when I cut someone I can hear the sounds of the bones cracking…" He smiled as he looked at the others. "Therefore, I'm very sorry. If when I chop you up, and I don't manage to kill you in one strike, then please wait patiently, I'll quickly follow up with the second strike…"

The long robe was originally dyed with the blood from his own body. His body that had undergone torture was like a malicious ghoul who had crawled out from hell. Every step he took, he would leave bloody red footprints on the white frost. And the white teeth that he showed through his calm smile contained a killing intent that caused one to shiver in fear.

As these words were said from his mouth, there were abruptly some people who crumbled.

All sorts of howls and pleadings for mercy sounded out from different parts of the interrogation room.

Sang Fusheng did not pay attention to this at all.

He continued to use the blade, chopping out strike after strike.

The edge of the sword was really very rusty, plus he had expended too much of his strength. Therefore, when he struck out with the first strike, there really was no way he could cleanly chop someone's head off. It was like he was hacking at a tree, hammering at it again and again, until finally the head of that person was torn from his neck forcefully.

This scene was far too bloody.


There were strange sounds that rumbled throughout, like a hammer striking on the hides of animals.

Approximately fifteen minutes later.

The rusty blade on Sang Fusheng's hands had finally managed to hack off seven heads.

The two that remained were already completely crazy.

Sang Fusheng smiled, throwing away the blade in his hand.

He turned back, paying his respects to Ye Qingyu. "Marquis, I've already done the things you've asked me to. The two that are left over are already scared out of their wits. Right now, whatever you ask them, they will honestly answer…" As he spoke to here, he supplemented this with another sentence, "I have carefully observed them in these two days. These two fellows should be the two that knows the most about the inner workings and their bravery is also small compared to the rest of their group. They are people who should have relatively higher status in this group, you should be able to obtain some valuable information.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head. "It's been hard on you." "This is all something I should do." Sang Fusheng had an ashamed look on his face. "This time, I've really lost the face of Officer Liu. To think I would be captured by people like them…"

Ye Qingyu patted him on the shoulder.

This Sang Fusheng really was an incredible character.

One could discern, he was not a person who liked killing. He originally could take care of those Jianghu people quick and painlessly, but instead he used a method that seemed unspeakably cruel to kill them one after another. This was not him trying to take revenge for what they had done to him, but it was to break the minds of the last two people he must leave alive. He was really making an example for the two to see, and used the most primitive and brutal way to crush the wills of the last two survivors.

Even when he was experiencing the cruelest of tortures in these past two days, he was concentrating on analyzing the personality, identity and status of these people. He was figuring out who was the strongest, which of these people would be valuable and who could be used…

This really was only a miracle that a true heroic elite soldier could do.

No wonder he was one of the trusted soldiers of Liu Zongyuan, who had always carefully nourished him. If Sang Fusheng survive that long and receive normal promotion through the ranks, then within ten years, he would become another new star within the [Youyan army]…

After such a performance, Ye Qingyu could not help but revise his opinion of him.

"First, let's save him.”

Ye Qingyu did not rush to interrogate the two.

After stabilizing the injuries of the young military officer, he carefully thought it over and realized the situation was even worse than he had imagined.

The people held in the large and small individual prisons outside were all in poor condition. Even when the prisons were unlocked, they could not rush far. To want to save this crowd of people instantly was not something Ye Qingyu could do alone. Furthermore, even if they could escape, what he would do with them after was also an issue.

"We need help… I'll go notify Superior Liu!"

Sang Fusheng volunteered.

Ye Qingyu heard this and thought it over. He finally nodded his head in agreement: "Okay, get brother Zongyuan and Mad Tiger Wen to bring people here. From today onwards, the Vanguard will assume control of this new recruit training camp. Everything here will become evidence. I think that some people will very quickly become unsettled."

Ye Qingyu then looked at the Little Nine laying on his shoulder after finishing saying these words. "Little Nine, you go and bring officer Sang out. Don't disturb the people outside, do you understand?" "Woof, woof woof!" Little Nine knew it was not the time to make jokes right now, so he accepted very quickly.

"This is…" Sang Fusheng stared at Little Nine in puzzlement.

"You will know of his use in a moment." Ye Qingyu smiled.

Man and dog quickly departed.

Ye Qingyu once again observed the injuries of the young officer. After confirming he was fine, he began carefully inspecting the entire interrogation room.

There were all sorts of tools and implements in the room and seemingly to be new and freshly created. However, all of them were covered with blood. On the side, there were some beds and covers, and seemed to be the temporary resting place of the people of the sects. There were tens of jars of alcohol next to these covers and meat hanging on the walls. And on the corner, there were some leftover food and rubbish, which evidently had not been cleared out…

And in the back, on a large table, there were some scrolls and tables placed on top of it.

Ye Qingyu's eyes brightened, and went over to the table, inspecting the documents piece by piece.

Very quickly, his eyebrows rose completely, his two sword-like eyebrows like comets.

After roughly half an hour, he managed to completely finish reading all the scrolls.

"So these matters had something to do with the military supply department…"

Ye Qingyu let out a sigh.

It was a pity that these scrolls did not reveal a great deal of information. The real items that would prove to be of decisive use must be held by the important figures of both parties. Those that were left here was because they were not important.

Ye Qingyu stood up, coming to the two disciples that were about to faint from fright.

"Speak. Why have you captured so many common citizens and which sects are involved in this matter? Who is commanding you from behind the scenes?" Ye Qingyu looked at the two, his tone of voice calm and his space was expressionless. But even an idiot could sense the fury and killing intent that was like a volcano that could erupt at any moment.

How could it be possible that these two people dare conceal anything?

As the two fought over speaking first, they completely recounted everything they knew, uncovering every secret they had.

Ye Qingyu remembered all their words one by one.

"Marquis, everything we said is true. We can swear to the heaven…" "That's right, we can stand up as witnesses to these words."

The two nearly knelt on the floor.

"Stand as witnesses?" Ye Qingyu gave these to a glance, then shook his head. "I only need to know of these matters. What do I need you two to stand as witnesses for? Could it be that I am going to reason over this with them?"

The two were dumbfounded.

Ye Qingyu approximated the time. Sang Fusheng and the silly dog Little Nine should already have left.

"Thank you for your honestly. Right now you can take a rest." Ye Qingyu turned around, assisting the young officer who had already awakened to head outside the interrogation room. He did not pay attention to the two disciples who were nearly driven mad by fear.

Only until Ye Qingyu's figure disappeared from the doorway did the two let out a breath of air.

"What should we do?" "This is bad… if the sects knew we exposed their secrets, we are dead for sure."

The two discusses their next steps with their hearts beating furiously. Suddenly a gust of cold wind blew over, blowing away the frost and mist in the air. The instant the wind touched the two, the two of them were turned into ice sculptures that were frozen in place. Their frightened voices were still echoing throughout the room…

Take a rest.

An eternal rest.

From the beginning, Ye Qingyu did not plan to spare a single person in here.

They should die for the souls that have been tainted.

…… ……

After passing by the other prisons, Ye Qingyu did not release the imprisoned citizens from the other prisons.

He could only release them after Liu Zongyuan and Wen Wan brought a large group of people here. If he really unlocked the prisons, then it would instantly become a scene of chaos. Those who have been imprisoned within for so long and wanted to live would definitely rush out like mad beasts chaotically. This would only cause them to lose their lives. Only when the army of the Vanguard came could the situation be stabilized and settle these people properly.

Ye Qingyu supported the young office through the passageway, heading towards the outside.

After passing the hidden array, Ye Qingyu acted, forcefully destroying it.

At this time, he no longer cared about alerting other people.

Ye Qingyu activated the warning array, to notify those behind the scenes. He wanted to rustle the grass and startle the snake, causing those poisonous snakes behind this to jump out of their own volition. He wanted to wait at the new recruit training camp, for those people to come into his net.

"It's not our first time seeing each other. I still don't know what you are called.”

After going through the passageway and standing at the entrance of the cave, the camp was still in complete chaos. Those Jianghu people disguised as soldiers were still madly drinking, cheering and laughing. Ye Qingyu looked towards the young officer by his side.

On that day in the aid giving effort, Ye Qingyu at that time already admired the young officer very much.

Although his strength was average, there was a rare patience and stability about him.

This kind of composure would not break even when mountains crumbled was something that even many martial experts struggled to do.

In this prison, the young officer had suffered all sorts of torture and nearly lost his life. Even so, he was not willing to cooperate with Qi Yong and the others, exhibiting his stubborn and powerful will. This was not in any way less than that of the young soldier Sang Fusheng, causing Ye Qingyu to admire him even more.

If there really was a chance, he must aid this young officer in the future in the Vanguard.

Therefore, Ye Qingyu asked for his name.

"Reporting to the Marquis, this subordinate is [1] called Ye Congyun," the young officer replied.

Ye Qingyu's heart quivered, his eyes going wide. Asking in an incredulous tone, "You are Ye Congyun? You are Ye Congyun?"

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