Chapter 245 - I believe in you

Chapter 245 - I believe in you

Xing'er looked at the place where Ye Qingyu had disappeared to, not knowing what to say

Just what had happened.

This Ye Qingyu, what kind of craziness was he having?

Normally he seemed to be quite clever, but why was it that he acted like he was possessed today. His entire person seemed to be listless and slow. Why was it that after he heard that Pass Lord Lu was looking for him, he was like a rabbit that had its tail set on fire, running away rapidly…

Xing'er shook his head, not knowing whether to cry or laugh.

At this moment, he did not know how to respond to Mister Liu as well as Pass Lord Lu.


He was finally able to sense Song Xiaojun's aura.

Ye Qingyu's current mood was so excited that he could jump up and down.

He had not even listened to what Xing'er had said. Activating his yuan power to his utmost, as if he had swallowed a shooting star, he shot towards the direction of where he had sensed her aura.

At this time, Ye Qingyu already could not care about anything else. He wanted to immediately see Song Xiaojun.


There was an explosive sound booming throughout the sky.

Under his high speed flight, the clouds of the sky parted as if the clouds had been sliced apart. There was an astonishing rip that appeared in the clouds.

Ye Qingyu's figure was like lightning, descending towards the ground.


The Xian'er and Song Xiaojun who had just walked out from the building had faces of shock as they stared at the Ye Qingyu descending from the sky. Song Xiaojun had just dispelled the illusion formation and walked out after doing battle from the building. As soon as she did so, she saw Ye Qingyu's figure like an arrow leaving the bow appearing in front of her.

She opened her mouth, but no words came out.

It was Xian'er who reacted first.

"What are you doing?" Like a little puppy protecting her food, Xian'er gestured with her dagger, assuming a protective stance in front of Song Xiaojun. There was a threatening growl that came out from her throat as she stared at Ye Qingyu, using a threatening glare. "The person surnamed Ye, you came so quickly. You've disguised yourself well as a good person recently, but when you discovered our true identities, you finally couldn't stop yourself from jumping out. Even if I risk my life today, I won't even let you harm my sister at all!"

Ye Qingyu did not even look at all.

His gaze, ever since he descended, was only focused on Song Xiaojun.

"You're… injured?" Ye Qingyu was able to notice the blood stain at the corner of Song Xiaojun's lips, his complexion greatly changing. Killing intent flickered in his eyes. "Who hurt you, I'll rip them apart… are… you… okay?"

Song Xiaojun looked at Ye Qingyu with a strange expression but still did not say anything.

"Stop pretending…" Xian'er coldly sneered, then said to the Song Xiaojun behind her, "Sister, quickly run this fellow is so cruel and vicious plus we don't know what kind of bad intentions he has. I'll hold him here; sister, you quickly leave. If the other experts of the cities come here, you can't escape anymore…” "I don't have any bad intentions…" Ye Qingyu waved his hand, saying, "What's the matter? Who's chasing after you?" "You want to delay us with your conversation?" Xian'er sneered in disdain. "Your methods are perhaps a little too retarded."

Ye Qingyu took a deep breath in. "There's no need to suspect me. In reality, from the first moment I laid eyes on you, I knew, that you were the girl who joined up with Yan Buhui and launched an attack on Pass Lord Lu. Isn't that right? If I wanted to act against you, I would have long exposed your tracks…"

There was a bizarre glimmer that sparkled in Song Xiaojun's clear eyes.

Ye Qingyu bitterly smiled. "No matter whether you believe me or not, I have to tell you, I don't have any malicious intentions towards you. I can swear to the heavens, no matter what, under whatever situation, I will never ever do anything to harm you. I will forever stand on your side…" As he said to here, he looked at the icy clear eyes of the young girl wearing a crimson red dress. He said slowly, "Believe in me, alright?" "Tut tut tut, you really are lying with your eyes wide open. Whoever believes you really is mentally retarded…" Xian'er laughed at him in an exaggerated fashion.

Ye Qingyu really hated the fact he could not sew this little girl's mouth shut.

This little thing had always been biased against him.

He was about to say even more… "I believe you," Song Xiaojun suddenly opened her mouth.

Ye Qingyu was taken aback.

"Sister? " Xian'er turned her head to look back at her, her faced filled with disbelief.

Song Xiaojun's expression was still as calm and still as ever was but a faint flush of red flashed by her face. She calmly said, "Therefore, Ye… Ye Qingyu, can we leave now?" "Ah? You can, you can, but your wounds…"

It was hard to believe that this hard and cold Marquis Ye who had faced the elder of the Dragon Tiger sect, the person known as [The Leaf of Youyan] in the Jianghu, when faced with an elegant young girl, would be so helpless.

For the words 'I believe you' to so suddenly be said from anothers mouth, perhaps others would only be saying it to placate him.

But since Song Xiaojun had said it, Ye Qingyu clearly knew that she was being honest.

She really believed in him.

Then Ye Qingyu abruptly realized that when he had rushed here he had alerted countless people. There must be a significant amount of attention that was drawn to here. Once these people followed and discovered Song Xiaojun's tracks…

As this thought occurred to him, there were several strong yuan qi aura that were rapidly approaching.

"There are people coming, lets quickly leave here," Ye Qingyu proposed.

"Wait, it's us, not you." Xian'er pressed her lips together, then dragged Song Xiaojun towards a little alley at the corner of the street.

Ye Qingyu had just lifted his foot.

"Don't follow." Xian'er turned around to glare at him ferociously. "If you really want the best for sister, then help us divert the people chasing after us."

Ye Qingyu's foot that was about to step out was taken aback.

He completely ignored Xian'er's warning.

In reality, Ye Qingyu was too lazy to really care about the provocative actions of this little brat. But the yuan qi auras that were quickly approaching made Ye Qingyu suddenly realize that perhaps he really shouldn't follow them. He should think of a method to divert those people coming here to gather information…

Xian'er assisted Song Xiaojun, bypassing through alley after alley, corner after corner.仙 "That… Ye… Ye Qingyu. Thank you."

As her figure was about to disappear around the corner, Song Xiaojun mysteriously turned her head back and said such words. As she said it, the corner of her lips curled up slightly, a faint and vibrant colour appearing on her cool eyes.


Ye Qingyu was dumbfounded.

Was she… smiling?

This was the first time, that an expression like a faint smile had appeared on the cold and icy face of Song Xiaojun ever since they had reunited.

This expression, for Ye Qingyu, was equal to seeing a shred of light in a long dark night.

He knew, that his efforts these days had succeeded.

The next instant, Song Xiaojun was dragged away by the Xian'er who seemed as if she had just seen a ghost, turning the corner. There was the exaggerated shout of Xian'er that could be heard.

"It's finished, it's finished. Sister, you really said thanks to that little brat, and you even smiled. Do you know what this means? Sister, I feel that your brain may have been damaged in the battle, we must go back and inspect it…"

The sounds stopped.

There was a flash of ripples.

Song Xiaojun's and Xian'er's aura suddenly disappeared without any traces from the little alley.

Ye Qingyu stood where he was. The smile on his face was like the radiant blossoming of a little flower. It was so pure and innocen that if the Jianghu people saw this scene, it was very likely that their eyeballs would pop out.

When had Demon King Ye had such a pure and harmless smile?

It even seemed somewhat stupid and foolish.

Ten breaths later.


Figures flickered.

There were continuous figures that appeared, flickering with yuan qi light.

"Marquis Ye?" "So it was the Patrolling sword envoy!" "Marquis Ye, just now…"

There were experts of the military that looked towards Ye Qingyu. They instantly recognized his identity, the serious and grim expressions on their faces disappearing instantly. They greeted him extremely respectfully.

There were also people of the Jianghu that arrived.

But these people's expression completely changed once seeing Ye Qingyu's figure. There were some people that unrolled a scroll, looking at the painting within and comparing it to the person in front of them. Once they compared it, they were so frightened they were trembling, not even daring to say a word, turning and leaving straight away…

Ye Qingyu turned and looked at the crowd, faintly smiling. Clasping his hands, he headed and departed towards another direction.

There were some people that were somewhat befuddled

But anyone could see that Ye Qingyu was in a great mood.

…… ……

After returning to the White Horse tower, Ye Qingyu directly went into isolation training.

Perhaps it was because his mood was unprecedentedly great, his cultivation training went extremely well. The thirty yuan qi Spirit springs completed tens of great cycles within his body, and his cultivation ended after just two hours. The yuan qi that he had expended fighting against White Browed Yu and the others had completely been restored, making him feel filled with vitality.

"The [Four Moves of the Golden Armoured King], is extremely suppressive towards opponents of the same level. Otherwise, even if I activated the [First Limit] of the [Limitless Divine Way], I would not have easily injured White Browed Yu and the others…" Ye Qing said thoughtfully.

The battle techniques found in the Bronze book, [Fiendgod Titled Chart] were as expected, not ordinary. It seemed simple on the outside, but in battle, it had a frightening power. The sects were known as organizations where their strongest attribute was their inherited battle techniques, but White Browed Yu and the two middle-aged men were nearly completely crushed and trampled over by Ye Qingyu’s moves in one strike.

"No, this sort of technique may not be enough in front of people like Li Qiushui, Wang Yifeng and the others. There are still twenty days till the gathering of the sects, I must work even harder."

Ye Qingyu's heart became more and more tense.

The matters that had undergone today had made him realize that Song Xiaojun was really in a perilous situation. He must quickly work hard to increase his own strength. Only the did he have the requirements to protect her.

At that time, the acute pain in his palm once again acted up.

The power of that fresh drop of blood, once again acted up.

Ye Qingyu looked at his palm.

"En, the time is about right. It’s time to completely extinguish the strange power within this droplet of blood…"

Thinking to the words said between Shopkeeper Sui and Huang Zhen, Ye Qingyu hesitated no longer.

With a thought, thirty Snow Dragon illusions rushed out from within his body.

The drop of blood in his palm swirled around, emitting a piercing light. It floated an inch above Ye Qingyu's palm.

The [Supreme Ice flame] was activated.

A shred of ice light gradually grew from his palm. It was like a little silver sprout were growing from his palm. As the tendrils extended, it seemed to completely seal the strange droplet of blood.

Ye Qingyu closed his eyes in concentration and decided to completely refine this drop of blood in one go

And nearly at the same time.

Pass Lord's residence.

In the wooden house in the rear courtyard.

Liu Siufeng, Peng Yizhen, Zhang San, Mister Liu as well as the higher ups of the [Youyan army], were currently nervously looking at the Lu Zhaoge healing his wounds on the prayer mat. Right now, the great figures that were enough to shake the entire Youyan Pass just by a stamp of their foot, did not even dare to take a loud breath.

The complexion of Lu Zhaoge right now made it seem like he was an entirely different person.

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