298 - Some confusion

Chapter 0298 - Some Confusion

Once the second heavy gate was closed, Deer City instantly became an isolated city. The people inside were not able to leave unless they used a teleportation formation.

A warrior like Qin Ying had made such a decision, there was no reason to criticize it.

But looking out at few miles outside of the city, where crowds were struggling and desperately trying to escape, everyone’s heart felt incomparably heavy for those innocent people. There were more than 1000 people; did they really have to helplessly watch these fellow citizens being captured by the sharp claws of the beasts, becoming pieces of flesh? The thought of that sort of tragedy occurring made everyone feel an incomparably heavy pressure like a mountain crushing their heart.

“City Lord Qin, can you postpone shutting the heavy doors and wait for the civilians to enter the city first before closing it again?” Ye Qingyu finally could not help but open his mouth. “I’m willing to lead troops and obstruct them for a moment. There should be enough time.”

The gaze of the crowd uniformly fell on Ye Qingyu.

Yes, how could they forget about this deity-like existence?

Everyone’s face suddenly lit up with joy.

If Marquis Ye was willing to lend a hand, with his legendary strength as well as with the power of the formation airship, they should be able to block the horde of beasts for a moment and that could really save the thousand or so people outside the city.

Qin Ying’s complexion altered a little. “How confident are you, Marquis Ye?”

Ye Qingyu raised his hand into the air. A command in the form of a stream of light shot out like an arrow, commanding the [Bright Sword Ship] to come to his side. Yuan qi instantly rushed through his body. He replied, “I should be able to delay the horde of demon beasts for at least fifteen minutes.”

“Good. I shall immediately send people out to rescue the people, everything depends on you, Marquis Ye.” As the City Lord of Deer City, Qin Ying immediately agreed to Ye Qingyu’s request. “I really admire Marquis Ye’s righteousness. I also hope that I can protect my people, I have to trouble Marquis Ye!”

At such a critical moment, Qin Ying displayed decisiveness and fully supported Ye Qingyu.

This made Ye Qingyu somewhat surprised.

Ye Qingyu believed Qin Ying still had passion flowing through his heart. At that moment when he was willing to put away all prejudice and did not leave the people to die because of some contest for leadership, his impression of the City Lord suddenly rose.


Ye Qingyu transformed into a stream of light, flowing directly into the distance.

“Woof woof, I’m also coming!”

The silly dog Little Nine bolted out, like a silver lightning, following closely behind Ye Qingyu.

Wen Wan and Hon Kong exchanged glances with each other that only they could understand, and then both nodded and said with a smile, “We also need to exercise our arms and legs.”

Two more beams of light shot into the sky.

Beneath the city gate tower, everyone was in great spirits.

Qin Ying, without delay, ordered Chen Jiuxing to deploy troops to head out of the city and rescue the people fleeing in panic.

Soon, the gate was opened and hundreds of elite soldiers charged out of the city...


“So many!”

Situated in mid-air, one could see far off into the distance.

Watching the beast tide engulfing everything in the distance like a huge wave, Ye Qingyu felt his heart beating faster. Looking far away, at a place ten miles away, the mountain-like beast tide was trampling everything as it neared.

“Marquis, save me!”

“Please save my child...”

“I am the son of the president of the chamber of commerce, save me and I will reward you with 100,000 gold...”

Seeing Ye Qingyu appear, a number of wailing and cries for help came from the crowd beneath.

“Don’t stop, keep running. City Lord Qin has sent troops to rescue you. I will block the horde of beasts!”

Ye Qingyu’s voice exploded in mid-air.

The crowd that had already sunk into despair suddenly had rekindled hope. As though there was a new force in their body, they desperately sprinted forward. Although they were still wailing out loud, their speed was much faster, and those that were lying on the ground from exhaustion waiting to die, under their companion’s support and encouragement, gritted their teeth and continued to run.

Ye Qingyu’s speed was incredibly fast. In the blink of an eye, the distance between him and the frontline of the horde of beasts was shrunk to just hundreds of meters.

It was an indescribable feeling.

The shape of the demon beasts had nothing in common with each other; there was a three-headed dog-like creature, a huge brown wolf blowing out blades of wind, a silver snake with seven or eight pairs of wings on the back, and a giant bear staggering along. There were all kinds of strange and unimaginable monsters and many of them seemed like they had been roughly stitched together with the limbs of various beasts. It was really hard to tell what species they were.

The only thing identical was that within their pupils was a flickering scarlet glow, a sign of blood thirst and that they had lost their mind.

During the frantic running, they could be struck by their beast companions at any time and fall to the ground, then instantly get trampled on, becoming pieces of flesh with no chance to get back up.

These demon beasts were berserk.

As though there was a terrible power behind them driving them forward, they kept running and running.

The only good news was that these crazy demon beasts were not very powerful.

Ye Qingyu gathered inner yuan, thrusting out his palm.

The long silvery yuan qi exploded with a loud rumble, directly bombarding the horde of beasts.

Bang bang bang bang!

Cold air erupted out, instantly turning hundreds of demon beasts in front into puddles of icy remains.

But Ye Qingyu’s face did not light up and instead was overcast with a fierce frown.

Boom boom boom!

He launched another wave of hundred palms.

The white frost of the moon was like a dragon, the air exploding as it shot through space. Everywhere it passed, the demonic beast hundreds of meters near it would turn into icy broken corpses, without even a body left behind. Those demonic beasts that seemed large and sinister did not last even a strike under Ye Qingyu’s palms.

But that did not change the situation.

If you sever running water with a sword, it will only flow faster.

Ye Qingyu’s attacks were like cutting the water with a sword. Although he forcefully threw his palm forward, killing hordes of demonic beasts instantly, more demon beasts whizzed over like the current. It was impossible to stop them.

“Damn, this time I’ve really underestimated them!” Ye Qingyu cursed in his heart.

If he could not stop these crazy demonic beasts and instead let them charge straight ahead, then not only would the one thousand people behind him become ghosts, even Deer City would be in danger. If the heavy door was not closed in time then the horde of demonic beasts might break through the gate and massacre everyone in the city!

It seemed that his knowledge of the demonic beasts was too little.

There was shock in his heart, but his hands did not slow or hesitate in the slightest. Ye Qingyu instantly activated his full strength, sixty silver dragons encircling around him. It followed his palm strikes as it roared out, exploding towards the endless demonic beast horde.

The roar of dragons resounded through the heavens and the earth.

The horde of demonic beasts finally displayed a slight panic in their eyes, as though they felt threatened.

There was finally a shred of disorder that appeared within the demonic beast horde, because it finally felt a threat.

But it was just that. Like a river bursting its bank and flooding the surroundings, the beast tide did not stop. The tens of thousands of heads in front that had paused for a moment was trampled by the beasts behind, crushing into blood and flesh, and erupted in an earth-shattering roar, their blood splattered and bones cracked. It was a miserable scene, as if it was the last day of the world.

Just then——

“Woof woof, I smell meat and bones. It smells too nice!”

The voice of silly dog Little Nine sounded.

A silver bolt of lightning darted into the beast tide.

A strange picture appeared.

Where the silver lightning flashed across, the fierce beast tide that was advancing straight ahead, unafraid of dying, unexpectedly took a diversion. No matter how mad and bloodthirsty they were, they instinctively avoided Little Nine, even if it meant they would be trampled on by the horde and crushed to pieces.

“Woof, woof, a tender little snake, Woof hahaha!”

The silly dog rushed in, biting a silver python that was tens of meters long.

LIttle Nine’s size, when compared to the python, was like a mosquito and a snake, but the fierce-looking silver python trembled with fear and dared not move in the slightest. No matter how many times Little Nine bit it, it dared not struggle.

Che! Che!

The dog transformed into a cluster of silver light, spinning around the silver python.

After three or four breaths, when he finally came to stop, a complete python skeleton was left behind. White and extremely elaborate, like a perfect work of art created from pure silver, there was not the slightest bit of flesh or blood that adhered to it.


Little Nine let out a light, satisfying burp and excitedly giggled, “Although the taste was not very pure, but it was a little snake. Great, lots of delicious food are running across the mountains. Woof hahaha, too excited. I smell food... Don’t run, come to my mouth!”

As he exclaimed, the little fellow transformed into a beam of light and sprang everywhere.

Wherever he went, the demonic beasts were frantically running away, turning into skeletons that stood where they were in different positions.

“These demon beasts seem to be afraid of Little Nine. What is going on?”

Ye Qingyu could see that wherever the dog went, the beast tide retreated. The beasts that could not escape in time immediately froze in their original place as Little Nine closed in on them and dared not move. Even if the dog bit their flesh, they did not resist.

The situation seemed like a scene from the legends when a normal-level demonic beast met with an Emperor-level demonic beast.

This was strange.

Ye Qingyu was puzzled, but his hands did not stop. Using Supreme Ice Flame and transforming into a stream of light, he shuttled between the demonic beast horde. Where he passed, a large area of demonic beasts was instantly frozen to death and crushed into pieces of frozen rocks.

The [First Limit] of the [Limitless Divine Way] was activated.

Ye Qingyu directly gathered yuan qi power to form an ice wall, blocking the impact of the demonic beast horde.

But it only stopped them for a short period of time. With a loud rumble, the ice wall had been smashed.

The demonic beast horde, like the tide, headed straight for Deer City.

“Kill!” Wen Wan landed to the ground.

Like a tiger entering a flock of sheep, he rushed straight into the horde, a giant hatchet appeared in his hand, sweeping through them like a whirlwind, and suddenly the demonic beasts within three hundred or four hundred meters of him were split into two, blood splattering out in all directions.

Hon Kong stood in mid-air, scarlet threads shooting out from his hands, and wherever the red threads launched at, the demonic beasts turned into a puddle of pus.

For the three people, killing demonic beasts was as easy as chopping vegetables.

But there was too many in the beast tide - an endless number to be severed, an inexhaustible amount to be killed.

Watching countless demonic beasts hurtling past his side, heading toward those escaping ordinary people, there was a situation of imminent peril. Even if the three of them carried on attacking, they also could not stop this horde of demonic beasts advancing like a mountain torrent.

Only Little Nine was scurrying in the horde, eating and playing, having a great time.

“Damn dog, don’t eat them, try to stop them first.”

Ye Qingyu yelled.

At the same time, in his mind, there was suddenly a strange thought that occurred to him: “Since these demonic beasts are so weak that we could easily kill them, then why would my parents died in battle? I remember the injuries on my parents’ body, it was caused by a sharp weapon like a sword or spear...”

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