466 - Chaos, enemy, like wildfire

Chapter 466, Chaos, enemy, like wildfire

The four people echoed one another, looking at Ye Qingyu with a gaze that seemed as though they were watching a lamb falling into a trap to be slaughtered. Their lips curved upwards in a sinister smile, surrounding him from all sides. A strong murderous intent filling the air. 

Judging from their cultivation techniques and clothing, they were obviously experts of the Three Sects and Three Schools. 

Besides these four men, the people of other sects also surrounded them.

Listening to their words, Ye Qingyu immediately could not help feeling disgusted. He looked up to the sky and smiled. “Pah, a group of people that only know little tricks are so shameless. Li Jinyang, the Patriarch of the sect, launched a sneak attack on me. He really has no sense of shame. So he is allowed to kill me, but I cannot kill him? I killed a man who was going to kill me and became a ruthless demon king? Do I have to stand still and let him kill me?” 

The four sect experts, upon hearing Ye Qingyu’s sarcastic words, were simply smiling coldly. Their complexions remain unchanged.  

“Killing a ruthless demon like you, do we need to care what method we use?”

“That’s right, killing you is destroying a public enemy, Master Li did not care about his reputation and attacked you, he is a true noble character.”  

“Hey, if you really have a sense of shame, you should stand there and accept death. To dare to fight back, atrocious!”  

The sect experts coldly smiled, approaching closer and closer, encircling Ye Qingyu.

“You... which sect are you from? Simply outrageous.” Aunt Heng could not stand watching any longer. 

She who was rarely angry also showed hints of rage. 

“Humph, who is that demon woman? You dare try to manage the business of the Three Sects and Three Schools?” Someone rebuked. 

Another man laughed maniacally, “You need to ask? Anyone with this ruthless demon king Ye Qingyu must not be a good thing. A pair of dogs, let’s kill them together. Today in this city of Light, not even a blade of grass will grow. Do not even spare any dogs or fowl, don’t let any one of them go.”


The figures were flickering, murderous intent erupted in a moment’s time.

The flashes and shadows of swords suddenly began to rise. 

Ye Qingyu’s expression abruptly changed. 

A bunch of things that want to die. 

“Gao Han, take Yuanxing, mother Wu and the others into the [Light Palace]. Liu Jingyan, Dai Youmeng, block the platform steps.”

Ye Qingyu’s had a Martial Asura heart. His killing intent was completely triggered by this group of Sect experts. He let out a loud bellow, activating the [Supreme Ice Flame], which instantly came pouring into the Crape Myrtle Sword, forcibly suppressing the resistance of Crepe Myrtle Sword, and swung the sword out. 

In the air, sword light filled the air.

Bang Bang Bang! 

The first three Violet Seven Stars Sect elder-level experts were sent flying, violently coughing out blood. 

“Bah, you’ve not even reached the Bitter Sea stage, yet you dare come to my Light City and behave atrociously.”

With his move succeeding smoothly, Ye Qingyu laughed coldly and disdainfully.  

The Three Sects and Three Schools claimed to be the strongest sects in the empire, but in fact, there was only a few representatives at the surface. There were a limited numbers of real masters. Back then at Youyan Pass, the successors of the major sects were only around the beginner stage of the Bitter Sea stage, yet were known as the most outstanding younger generation of the sects. Thus the elders of the sects, besides several core elders, were only around the Bitter Sea cultivation base. 

Including Li Jinyang who Ye Qingyu had killed, who was also just at the peak of the Bitter Sea stage.


“Everybody together, kill him.” 

Someone that was crouching behind the crowd screamed out, adding fuel to the fire. 

The crowd surged again, charging over.  

“Shamelessness!” Aunt Heng who could not stand watching at the side, made a move again.


A palm print broke out. 

Each time her hand descended, there was a palm print solidifying in the air, destroying all obstacles. 



Someone screamed tragically, bones splashing in all directions, blood sprinkling across the void.

“The Right Minister’s order, whoever kills Ye Qingyu will be rewarded with a piece of Dao weapon, a thousand of kilograms of Origin crystal, and granted the title of nobility!” In the distance, someone was shouting and urging the crowd on.

At first the people that were circled around Ye Qingyu were all laughing evilly while retreating and did not charge over in the first moment.

In the distance, the figures, like a swarm, were constantly rushing out from the broken hole that the right minister had created.

Sect experts...  

Military experts...

And the martial artists of various major factions of the Snow capital...

All sorts of scum started appearing one after another.  

Upon seeing this, Ye Qingyu knew that the matters today would be difficult to resolve.

Having remained standing up to this point, the [Light Palace] was like an oil lamp almost about to go out. Its inside had been squeezed dry. Now it can be considered as really entering the state of fighting at close quarters. But fortunately the power of the Right Minister’s side seemed to have almost reached the lowest point and been completely expended. After all, even he himself had appeared. 


Ye Qingyu’s peerless four moves were the most suitable for group battles.

During the split second that he invaded the crowd, he also activated the domain of ice. 

In the air, a blast of chilly air erupted. 

On the ground, the traces of silver chilly air was like a python climbing rapidly. The lands within a radius of almost one kilometer had instantly reached freezing cold temperatures around him. The sect experts instantaneously felt their muscles stiffening, feet frozen, and both the speed of activation of their inner yuan qi and the reaction speed of their physical body declined drastically. 


The sword light gleamed. 

During the flash of silver light, three or four terrified heads flew up. 

Then the five or six figures that were charging forth were suddenly split at the waist, without even one realizing when they were chopped into two sections. 

“[Storm of Swords]!”

Ye Qingyu bellowed, clasping the Crepe Myrtle Sword, activating the power of ice yuan qi to the peak.

The Crepe Myrtle Sword unleashed a brilliance as bright as the sun. The originally strands of hair thin formation light beams on the autumn water-like sword body were densely circulating. Every time the sword was swung out, there was an indestructible and impregnable sword qi bursting forth. Moreover, the Crepe Myrtle Sword blade was invincible, even if a spirit weapon was in front, it would also be destroyed like rotten mud. Besides a few Dao weapons in the hands of top experts, others simply cannot withstand the force of this Dao sword weapon. 

Ye Qingyu was exactly like a tiger running into a flock of sheep.  

The storm of swords broke out.

Beams of cold ice sword blade, bright and sparkling like crystal, were densely bursting out, engulfing the sky and ground, like reaping life source. As Ye Qingyu’s body spun around, the dozens of sect masters that reacted too late were chopped into minced meat. 

Fresh blood, like the most delicate and beautiful flowers in the night, was mercilessly blooming. 

Screaming, howling, roaring, yelling, shrieking, crying...

There were all kinds of tragic and grim voices heard at the last moments of life being released in this moment.

Ye Qingyu was not merciful, there was no way he could be merciful.

The enemy came charging over like a wildfire. If he had even a moment of hesitation, he would most likely had been knocked down immediately, and the people behind that he were protecting would become ghosts before the blades.

Gao Han was protecting Bai Yuanxing, Mother Wu and the others, as they fled toward the[Light Palace].

Fortunately, the crowd was very close to the [Light Palace], so very soon they were all on the suspending platform steps; however, Mother Wu and the few servants and cooks were trembling with fear that they could hardly stand, unable to fully climb the stone foundation of the [Light Palace]. 

“Kill these little minions first!” 

A Crepe Myrtle Sect expert thundered, shooting out at lightning speed toward Mother Wu and the others.

Gao Han roared, the bitter bamboo fishing rod in his hand streaked across the void, directly blocking that person.

In Youyan Pass, Gao Han’s strength was far superior to that of Ye Qingyu. It was just because he had shown mercy and forbearance towards Ye Qingyu, so he was struck by Ye Qingyu’s little silver dragon, and was defeated. During this one year, following by Ye Qingyu’s side, he received a lot of cultivation resources and had painstakingly trained. His strength compared to back then had improved several times, and his cultivation had reached the Bitter Sea stage long ago.

Clasping the fishing rod in his hand, the cultivation skills and battle techniques that he comprehended himself seemed infinitely powerful.

Gao Han and his rod stood in the surroundings of the suspension steps, with a posture as though one man could hold the pass against ten thousand enemies. 

But there were far too many opponents. 

And this time the sect experts that appeared, even if there were no top Ascending Heaven experts, they were all elites of the major sects, and a number were Bitter Sea experts. 

With the passage of time, Gao Han had continuously repulsed dozens of people, and finally was exhausted, injured repeatedly, blood flowing profusely from the wounds, and his body was on the verge of collapsing...

The other two Envoys of Light, Liu Jingyang and Dai Youmeng, had long been scared out of their wits. They resisted a few attacks, before retreating into the [Light Palace]. 

“Aunt Heng...” Ye Qingyu cried out loud.

Aunt Heng immediately understood Ye Qingyu’s meaning. Her figure darted back, thrusting out a palm, and a jade-coloured giant palm print blasted away the several people that encircled Gao Han, while shouting at the same time: “Little Yu, you be careful...”

The situation at this point was simply chaotic to the extreme.

Ye Qingyu slowly retreated, closing the distance between him and Aunt Heng, acting in coordination with each other. He administered several quick slashes with the Crepe Myrtle Sword and instantly there were several sect experts falling before his sword. 

But from the gap of the [Silver Flowing Light Formation], there were far too many sect masters and experts of the Right Minister’s residence, almost an endless amount to kill. Gradually, Ye Qingyu also felt tired and sustained injuries. There were visible sword cuts on his left shoulder and lower abdomen, cutting into the muscles. 

“Kill him, he’s almost dying.”  

“Everybody quickly, kill him, the Right Minister will reward you.”

“He’s bleeding... he’s injured...” 

The few people before that were adding fuel to the fire were constantly changing direction in secret, encouraging people to charge forth and throw away their own life, evil to the extreme.

Fortunately, Ye Qingyu’s control of his yuan qi had reached an incomparably exquisite stage. There was a faint layer of ice covering his wounds, coagulating the scars, and not letting blood flow out.

Moreover, Bitter Sea experts could regenerate flesh and blood, he only needed to withstand a little longer for his wounds to heal and disappear. 

There were flashes and shadows of swords, blood and bones.

This was the most dangerous battle that Ye Qingyu had ever faced.

In that instant, it was as if Ye Qingyu could experience what the soldiers of Youyan faced in the battlefield. In such a chaotic battlefield, just how many geniuses had perished, just how many experts had died here unexpectedly.

Moreover, today in front of the [Light Palace], Ye Qingyu was almost fighting alone——

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