563 - Step past my body first

Chapter 563, Step past my body first

“This... the rules of the Storm Platform were set by Greater One Sect themselves, if they really pursue against Tian Huang, then it will be unjustified.”

“This Chen Shaohua is the successor of the Greater One Sect's Great Hua Peak. In the past hundred years he had offended many sects of Clear River Domain, but his backing is too powerful so everybody just swallowed up the insults.” 

“Right, today that Tian Huang killed Chen Shaohua, and even though no one said anything there certainly will be many people applauding in their hearts.”

“I think we should wait and see, Greater One Sect had painfully lost an extremely strong successor, they certainly will not let this matter go.

“Right, no matter how powerful Tian Huang and that Thunder and Lightning Sect are, Greater One Sect has a great difference in social standing in comparison, we better wait for Greater One Sect's response.” 

The shock that this battle brought about was not the same as that of the previous hundreds of battles because it involved a disciple of the greatest sect of Clear River Domain. 

Everyone was very careful in their discussion and yet was as unrestrained as before. At this moment the people that were interacting with each other all could not help but wear vigilant expressions. 


At this time, the several Patriarchs that were led the Greater One Spiritual Master appeared calm and composed. But their eyes flashed lightning bolts of fury. 

The yuan qi above the lotus stand was becoming more and more intense at this time. 

Among them was the headmaster of the Great Hua Peak He Ju. At this moment, he was finding difficulty in calming his wrath. He quickly rose to his feet, eyes blazing with killing intent, and balls of golden flames burst forth from his hand, suppressing the yuan qi of rage from spreading around and thereby forming an imposing and threatening cyclone.

Chen Shaohua was He Ju’s closely related successor.

But he was dead? 

Not only him, until this very moment, many experts of the Greater One Sect were still finding it hard to believe the scene that they had seen. 

In particular, the other seven successors of the other peaks were both shocked and enraged.

As one of the most outstanding and distinguished person of his generation, the difference between the strength of Chen Shaohua and theirs was obvious. Especially in these 10 days in which his yuan qi and consciousness had improved by leaps and bounds. And at the same time he was given the Sun and Moon Double Wheels, now the other successors of the other peaks were no match for him. 

However, Chen Shaohua was killed by the successor of the Thunder and Lightning Sect. 

It was like killing a chicken and killing it easily. 

This indicated that the future successors of Greater One Sect would be no match for the successor of the Thunder and Lightning Sect.

This scene before them was like a merciless slap across the face for these pampered and insufferably arrogant successors. They looked at each other in dismay, face ashen, and stood speechless. 

On a smaller floating peak and more distant in comparison to the floating peaks that the successors were situated on, Xiao Yunlong and the other disciples were more frightened.

Their eyes were clouded with fear and their faces were grave. The few usually clamorous and arrogant disciples, at this time, although their faces were distorted with rage, they were fearful of Tian Huang’s strength and did not dare say a word. 

“Brother Xiao, that brat of the Thunder and Lightning Sect is too wild.” 

The junior brother of Xiao Yunlong, who usually acts as accomplice to him, was also indignant, yet he was only brave enough to lower his voice and whisper to Xiao Yunlong. 

Xiao Yunlong seemed like he could not hear him. 

“Senior brother?” 

He saw that Xiao Yunlong did not say a word, and quietly pulled at senior brother Xiao’s sleeve. 

But Xiao Yunlong seemed to be deeply immersed in his thoughts, completely ignoring what the younger brother was saying.  

At this time Xiao Yunlong’s heart was full of unbearable shock and fear. This feeling of fear spread from the toes to his head, wandering to the ends of his hair. The repressed feeling made even his breathing become extremely difficult, and his four limbs, hundreds of bones and yuan qi power were all imprisoned by his own fear, his fingers uncontrollably quivering. 

What kind of devil had he offended, how could he have so easily killed Shishu Chen whose strength was at the level of the peak of Bitter Sea boundary. If it was himself that was in front of him instead, it would have been as simple as pinching an ant to death. 

Previously, he had clashed with him several times already, which had fuelled a great deal of rancour between them. Next time, he most likely would not escape death. 

No, he must not let him leave Greater One Sect alive today, otherwise he won’t be able to survive.

With this thought, an unprecedented evil and ruthless flame erupted within Xiao Yunlong’s eyes.


“Little bastard, I will kill you to avenge Shaohua!” 

Great Hua Peak’s He Ju finally could not stand it any longer.

A deep and resounding bell-like roar cut the sky, shaking the mind of everyone to the point that it felt as though they had been struck by a copper cauldron.

This silver-haired old man, who was one of the eight peak headmasters, one of the eight great figures of Greater One Sect, because of the death of his beloved disciple Chen Shaohua, he sank into extreme anger, and he chose to immediately take action.

He Ju's strength was equally as frightening. In a flash he had arrived above the platform.

Like a demon god, Great Hua Peak’s headmaster He Ju’s entire body including his silver hair was surging with wave-like yuan qi. The fierce hatred within his eyes seemed like it would burn the successor of the Thunder and Lightning Sect in front of him to ashes. 

A terrifying pressure, in this moment, was pouring down.

On the Storm Platform, Ye Qingyu had to bear the brunt of the force of this Immortal Step expert.

He Ju was like a Demon God, the power and aura of the Immortal Step boundary was blossoming to the extent that it made everyone around feel suffocated, as though doomsday was coming. 

The unquestionable voice of an older generation Immortal Step boundary expert, like the verdict of a Demon God, echoed between heaven and earth. 

“You killed my beloved disciple, today you are not going to leave Greater One Sect alive.”

With this remark, an uproar broke out on the floating peaks. 

Many people thought that Greater One Sect would not leave the matter at that, but they did not expect He Ju to choose such a direct and rough way of dealing with it.

Someone finally couldn't stand it any longer. 

It was Hu Bugui. 

This bearded man’s body flashed, instantaneously coming into the void, scowling at He Ju with a cold smile on his face, “I have seen shameless people, but none as shameless as you. Shameless old thing, on the Storm Platform, it is based on skills; life and death are left to the heaven to decide. Your good disciple Chen Shaohua challenged my Brother Tian Huang, and repeatedly made things difficult for my brother, he deserved to die. What, are you going to break the rules of the Storm Platform?” 

“Yes, others must not seek revenge for the grudges on the Storm Platform, this is a tradition of thousands of years. You want to destroy Greater One Sect's own set of tradition?” The figure of Nan Tieyi also appeared at the side of Hu Bugui.

The two stood side by side in the void, faintly going against He Ju. 

Hu Bugui’s words that were seemingly said in the moment of anger were, in fact, straight to the point and hit the nail on the head. His voice was overbearing and did not contain the slightest of fear.

These words spread to the ears of every person present. 

The crowd that originally wanted to fan the flames to create an opportunity for them to act friendly to Greater One Sect also kept silent at this moment and dared not to rashly open their mouths to speak.

Because in this matter, the Greater One Sect was indeed wrong.

The rules of the Storm Platform should not be destroyed in a public place with so many people present, not to mention the fact that Greater One Sect was the proposer of the current Storm Sword Duel gathering. 

He Ju was raging inside. 

But he kept a trace of rationality. 

Sensing the atmosphere around, this Great Hua Peaks headmaster also realized that it was unwise to stir up public resentment.

At such a moment, he must not be too impulsive.

Otherwise it would spoil the plans of his senior brother.

Drawing a deep breath, He Ju then coldly smiled as he loudly said, “You two, don’t try to fan the flames and stir up discord. When did I say I am going to destroy the rules of the Storm Platform. I am not ruining tradition, I am just challenging the successor of the Thunder and Lightning Sect Tian Huang. The grudges on the Storm Platform, the anger of losing my beloved disciple, can I not settle it on the Storm Platform?”

The older the ginger, the spicier it was. 

This headmaster of the Great Hua Peak was in charge of the most important peak of the Lotus Flower eight peaks, and was also an extremely prominent and influential master. He was extremely careful and calculating, and easily dissolved Hu Bugui’s question. 

As he finished speaking, He Ju also lowered his head to look down at Ye Qingyu on the platform. 

“What, Tian Huang, since you are standing on this Storm Platform, don’t tell me you want to destroy the rules of the Storm Platform, and refuse to accept my challenge?”  

He Ju smiled coldly.  

Without waiting for Ye Qingyu’s reply, he added with a sinister smile, "If you dare to destroy the rules of the Storm Platform, no matter where you flee to, Greater One Sect will kill you, with no mercy.”

“Pah, old thing, acting shameless the instant you were called out.” Hu Bugui was infuriated. “You're forcing my brother to fight against you? How old are you, so despicable! Do you have any shame?” 

He Ju also swept a cold glare at Hu Bugui, then said with a cold smile, “The Leader of the 18 gGeat Thieves of Clear River Domain, you’re not a good person yourself. You have been causing chaos to the domain, you deserve to die. This time because all towering figures and martial artists are invited to the Storm Sword Duel gathering, Greater One Sect cannot do anything to you. You have to correct your own mistake, otherwise on the basis of your years of evil, those robberies, you should have been chopped up a long time ago. If you do not want to die, then get lost.”

“You...” Hu Bugui was about to explode. 

At this time, another person spoke. 

“Hu Bugui, please step aside, do not disturb the Storm Sword Duel gathering. Otherwise, I as the host of the gathering, must personally kill you.” Another influential figure of Greater One Sect, the headmaster of Lotus Flower Peak, Liu Xuezong also added, slowly coming closer, yuan qi surging violently, and his aura was extremely tyrannical. 

Hu Bugui replied irritably, “Good, Greater One Sect really are shameless, come, you want a fight? I, Old Hu have never been afraid. If you want to touch my Brother Tian Huang, then step past my body first.” 

When he finished speaking, a strong yuan qi surged from his body, gradually diffusing out.

The atmosphere suddenly became extremely tense. 

On the other side, although Nan Tieyi did not say a word, he was high up in the void next to Hu Bugui. 

And there was also Liu Shaji. 

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