Chapter 1476: Old Friends Visiting

Chapter 1476: Old Friends Visiting

After Li Xin left, Qin Lie's main body came through the star door.

The Blood Soul Beast avatar felt its bloodline become unusually active in presence of the Ancient Life Tree.

But when his main body came over, this feeling grew exponentially greater!

He looked up at the Ancient Life Tree, his bloodline boiling, as though it were a volcano that had been dormant for thousands of years, about to erupt at any moment..

He frowned.

Miao Fengtian, Xue Li, Jiang An, Jiang Zhuzhe, and the others looked in shock at his main body.

"Rustle rustle!"

The leaves of that Ancient Life Tree started to wave violently after his main body came over.

It seemed there was a strange and close connection between him and the Ancient Life Tree.

They could all feel Qin Lie's bloodline’s restlessness!


Taking a deep breath, he suppressed his almost mad desire and step by step, he moved away from the Ancient Life Tree.

"Master?" muttered Miao Fengtian.

"This things is too much of a temptation to my bloodline," Qin Lie explained as he retreated, "but I am not sure what would happen if I merged this Ancient Life Tree into my bloodline. Also, according to Li Xin, even if I want to absorb it, I should wait."

Then he used Star Door ability to leave the Frost Desolation Abyss.

Soon after, he appeared in front of Qin Shan.

"Grandpa, what is my maternal grandfather like? Does he... have good or malicious intent towards me?"

Qin Shan had previously learned of Li Xin and what had happened in the Frost Desolation Abyss through his main body's explanation.

When he reached the Frost Desolation Abyss, Qin Shan had been considering this matter, knowing Qin Lie wouldn’t be able to resist asking this question.

Qin Shan hesitated and said, "Actually, I have not interacted with that person. I do not know what he wants to do. I asked repeatedly about your father's experiences outside the realm but your father was not willing to talk in detail. He only said your mother was a good woman, and his only love. However, when he came back with you to Spirit Realm, he did not bring her along, and was seriously injured."

"As for that person… your father seemed to dislike him. I suspect your father’s wounds were also his doing.."

"I think that person wanted to keep you with him, but your father wanted to take you away, which resulted in conflict."

"That person must value you greatly, and not the Qin Family, or your father."

"He might not have malicious intent towards you, but I do not know about the Qin Family and Spirit Realm."

Hearing Qin Shan say this, Qin Lie was surprised. "Grandpa, even you do not know the situation?"

Qin Shan shook his head. "Only your father knows."

"How long until he returns?"

"It should be after resolving the matter of the Terror Devil King and the Despair Devil King."

"Little Lie, someone is looking for you outside!" Qin Ye's voice came from outside.

Qin Lie stilled and said, "Who?"

"A girl," Qin Ye said with a smile.

Qin Lie thought and concluded that he couldn’t clarify his relationship with Lieyan Yuan as of yet, so he stopped asking.

He walked outside the hall.

A woman with icy skin and delicate features stood outside the hall.

Seeing him come out, the woman's brows furrowed. She said, "It is very difficult to meet you now."

"Lin Liang'er, why are you here? Weren't you cultivating in the Frost Desolation Abyss?" Qin Lie said in surprise.

A few years ago, Lin Liang'er left Frost Island in the Ruined Lands and went through the realm entrances in Boluo Realm to fight in the Frost Desolation Abyss..

The environment of the Frost Desolation Abyss was very suitable to the Ice Phoenix Race.

After that, she appeared to have stayed with the Vermillion Bird Tong Yan and fought the Abyss Devils to strengthen herself.

Numerous years have passed, and Qin Lie could see the girl had grown to rank eight bloodline already.

She seemed to only be a thread away from a rank nine bloodline. The cold waves coming from her caused his Frost Concept Diagram in his Soul Altar to react minutely.

"Frost Concept Diagram, the Ice Emperor..."

Qin Lie suddenly reacted. He smiled, his eyes squinting. "Did you come to Sky Bearing City for the Ice Emperor?"

"At least you are not stupid." Lin Liang'er rolled her eyes at him.

The Ice Emperor had given Lin Liang'er her name. Her mother had previously been the Ice Emperor's mount and the two had a close relationship.

The frost palace at the bottom of the Frost Island had been left behind by the Ice Emperor, and she had opened it with an imprint on her. That’s how she and Qin Lie met.

Now, the Ice Emperor who had disappeared for twenty thousand years appeared formally in Sky Bearing City. It was logical that Lin Liang'er would come after learning about this.

"Where is the Ice Emperor?" Lin Liang'er asked.

"Temporarily not in Sky Bearing City. But I think he will come back soon," Qin Lie explained with a smile.

"How about you take me on a tour around Sky Bearing City?" Lin Liang'er's eyes were filled with curiosity. "I heard that Sky Bearing City is the most magnificent and vast city of the human race. I have never visited Central World. "

"Alright, I will take you on a walk," Qin Lie said with a smile.

The two princes of the Soul Race and the Satorius Family of Spirit Race were coming to Sky Bearing City.

He had a pile of things to take care of but he still agreed to Lin Liang'er's suggestion.

He thought of what he had experienced with Lin Liang'er under the Frost Island.

Back then, he had been trapped in the Frost Island by Lin Liang'er using frost power, and was an ice statue in the underground palace.

Because he cultivated the Frost Arts, he had not died despite being frozen. He could watch and think...

He had been with Lin Liang'er for multiple months in the underground palace.

In that period of time, he had been secretly observing Lin Liang'er's every action, watching as she turned into a grand Ice Phoenix and a beautiful human woman...

"I will soon reach rank nine bloodline. Will you protect me during the breakthrough?" Lin Liang'er suddenly said.

Qin Lie smiled and said, "There should be many that can guard you? Vermillion Bird Tong Yan definitely would be willing, maybe even the Ice Emperor..."

"I want you to stand guard!" Lin Liang'er said.

Qin Lie stilled, nodded and said, "Okay."

"I want to achieve my breakthrough in the realm of my race," Lin Liang'er said.

Qin Lie was surprised. "What is going on... with that realm right now?"

"It’s under the control of Six Ways Alliance!" Lin Liang'er said hatefully.

Qin Lie's eyes flashed. He immediately understood Lin Liang'er's true intentions. She wanted to use his power to help the Ice Phoenix Race take back that realm.

"I will help you and guard you during your breakthrough there." He nodded again.

Lin Liang'er's eyes showed joy and she said, "At least I did not misjudge you."

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