Chapter 1662: Great Danger

"Where is Castor?"

Qin Hao heard that Castor's avatar was secretly arriving and immediately asked.

His eyes flashed with ferocious fighting spirit.

Qin Lie stilled. He felt with the Soul Race's Soul Sensing Art and attempted to catch Castor's tracks.

With his Dark Soul Beast avatar as the center, soul fluctuations spread out.

Soon, he detected Castor's hidden dead souls presence from outside Nether City in the direction of the Nine Hells’ Abyss Devils.

"He’s among Nine Hells Purgatory’s Abyss Devils." Qin Lie frowned. "He must have disguised himself as an Abyss Devil. And now… he’s hiding amid the group from Nine Hells. We can’t act rashly if we don’t want Nine Hells’ Abyss Devils to misunderstand."

"Are you sure that Castor is here?" Ling Yushi asked.

Qin Lie nodded softly. "I should not be wrong."

Ling Yushi's eyes flashed with light.

A weak ripple came out of her body. In the sky, the Nine Hells Monarch's body suddenly moved.

Auston suddenly looked at Qin Lie, his eyes filled with inquiry.

Qin Lie immediately realized that Ling Yushi had told Auston his discovery with a secret soul art.

He looked at Auston and then in the direction of the Devil Monarch’s followers, indicating the perpetrator was there.

"Tian Qi, I underestimated you."

The Nine Hells Monarch snorted. He suddenly reached toward Ming Xiao's body. Balls of purple Abyss Devil patterns flew out of his saw-like hands.

By now, Ming Xiao's soul had been tied up by Austin's black purple ribbons and was almost pulled out of his body.

The Abyss Devil patterns that Auston released caused all the black purple ribbons to explode when they fell toward Ming Xiao.

Ming Xiao's soul immediately flew back into his body and his dim eyes lit up again.

"Thank you."

Ming Xiao said to Auston. Then he took a deep breath. Dense purple lightning jumped out of his eyes.

In this moment, Qin Lie felt the soul power that Ming Xiao gathered wrapped around his body.

He believed if Austin's Nine Soul Hell attacked Ming Xiao again, it would not be able to easily pull out Ming Xiao's soul like it did before.

"You underestimated me?" the Great Sage of the Spirit Race said with a small smile. "What do you mean?"

"I had not expected my proud brother would choose to work with Castor." Auston ignored Tian Qi and looked toward the Nine Soul Hell. He said gravely, "Previously, you were always hostile towards him. Didn't you think of him as your greatest enemy? After many years, you are willing to work with the Spirit Race that killed you and your greatest enemy Castor. You have started to compromise in order to recover to your peak and become the new Abyss Master?"

"Castor..." Austin's voice came slowly from Nine Soul Hell.

"Whoosh whoosh!"

The enormous Nine Soul Hell surged and changed into a Abyss Devil figure with a blurry face.

The Abyss Devil figure was Austin's remnant soul. He seemed to be kept in the dark. He turned to look at Tian Qi and said, "You have an agreement with Castor?"

Tian Qi nodded with a smile. "In my view, you and Castor both have hope of becoming the new Abyss Master. I put my hopes on the both of you in hopes that an Abyss Master comes out of the two of you."

Tian Qi paused and said, "I do not care who becomes the new Abyss Master first."

"Tian Qi! Why do you want to create an Abyss Master?" Auston shouted in puzzlement.

The Great Lords of Nine Hells Purgatory, including Dawson and the others, were shocked when they heard Tian Qi say this.

They looked at Tian Qi with hate-filled eyes. It could be said that they didn’t want for a new Abyss Master to emerge

"You, Grom, and the six others have been Devil Monarchs for a long time. Pity you do not have enough talent and qualifications. None of you showed the power to become the Abyss Master. Time..." Tian Qi put away his usual smile, and his expression showed a hint of gravity. "You cannot see some things right now. But for me and Lieyan Yuan, we will only have hopes of entering the ultimate realm if a new Abyss Master appears."

"So Lieyan Yuan and I will create more trouble for him before our breakthroughs so that his attention moves to the new Abyss Master."

Tian Qi said pointedly.

"Ha, Tian Qi. You fear an accident when you have your breakthrough so you do not dare to take the last step?"

At this time, the voice of another Abyss Devil came behind the Abyss Devil Dragon Azgalo.

Qin Lie frowned when that voice sounded.


Austin and Auston both became serious when they heard this familiar voice.

The people of Nether City also turned their attention to the denizens of Nine Hells. They saw a Abyss Devil transforming as he slowly passed Azgalo and appeared in everyone's view.

Still transforming, Castor did not look at Austin and ignored Auston. He gazed at Tian Qi.

"You and that God Race man only need that one last step. Are you really so afraid?" he shouted coldly.

"Are you not? If you weren’t scared, how come you’ve been killed once already? Do you not realize why you died?" Tian Qi said calmly.

Before Castor responded, he looked at Austin's Abyss Devil figure, and said, "You know what accident occurred when you were using your bloodline to attempt to become the Abyss Master?"

Austin, who originally had hopes to become the Abyss Master before Castor, suddenly quieted when he heard Tian Qi say this.

"I had a feeling then. I thought for many years and understood some things," Austin said dispiritedly.

"The two of you, one cultivates the dead souls that is opposite to his power, and the other cultivates secret soul arts. Once you reach fulfillment, you have the possibility of replacing him. Therefore, you are a great threat to him. If he learns you are about to become the Abyss Master, he will disrupt once again." Tian Qi's tone was calm as he said, "That time will be the best chance for me and Lieyan Yuan. We will attack that last step when he attacks you. I believe that without his disruption, the two of us have a good chance of entering the ultimate realm."

In front of the Abyss Devils, Spirit Race clansmen, and other realm visitors, Tian Qi stated his intentions.

He and Lieyan Yuan worked together to lead the God Race and Spirit Race into Nine Hells and Yellow Springs. The arrival of the God Race caused the Yellow Springs Monarch, Grom, to die and Castor's avatar in Yellow Springs Purgatory to revive.

Tian Qi and the Spirit Race pulled the former Devil Monarch, Nether Monarch Austin, into Nine Hells to try revive him.

They were using Castor and Austin. They helped the two revive because of their potential. They needed them to serve as smokescreens and increase their chances of reaching the ultimate realm.

This was the true reason that Tian Qi and Lieyan Yuan reached an agreement.

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