Chapter 478: The Seven Spirits!

Chapter 478: The Seven Spirits!

Feng Yiyou, Celestial Artifact Sect’s young sect master, explained some the Graveyard of Gods to the group. He also told them about the divine nature of the land.

“So the Graveyard of Gods is just a resting place where all of the elites from bygone eras were buried?” Du Xiangyang gradually understood. “Is it open to the public?”

“It can be considered as such. In ancient times, when certain experts perished, their relatives and friends would bury them here to prevent their corpses from being disturbed.

“There are instances in which a person’s lover perished and they didn’t have the time to look after the grave. As a result, the body was buried here so it would remain undisturbed.

“Furthermore, even the most powerful of forces would encounter times of growth and decline. In light of that, some families would bury their ancestors in this resting place instead of their own burial grounds. In the event that their families was taken over, or if the strength of their families ever weakened, this would prevent the possibility of enemies breaking into the graves of their ancestors and defiling their corpses!”


Feng Yiyou wore a dignified expression as he continued. “The Graveyard of Gods is an independent secret realm. It is extremely well concealed, and a series of formations seals it from the inside and outside. It is normally impossible for living people to enter. Upon entering this place of rest, dead practitioners no longer have to worry about people pillaging their corpses or the possibility of being found by evil practitioners and having their bones forged into spirit artifacts.”

“Who created the Graveyard of Gods?” Du Xiangyang asked. “I presume that a price must have been paid to create a place where the remains of elites could be laid to rest.”

A glimmer of light flashed through Feng Yiyou’s eyes as he nodded and replied, “I don’t know who created the Graveyard of Gods. Whoever did definitely had to pay a price. After all, ways in and out are sealed. Furthermore, it’s an independent secret realm specifically made to be used as a resting place. Whoever created it definitely made it with profit in mind.”

This entire time, Qin Lie had been silently watching Feng Yiyou’s eyes.

He saw the expression in Feng Yiyou’s eyes change at that very moment. Qin Lie surmised that Feng Yiyou was hiding some secrets and that he knew who had created the Graveyard of Gods.

It seemed like Feng Yiyou was determined to keep any matters regarding that person’s identity hidden.

“What are the seven spirits?” Du Xiangyang asked.

“The seals of the Graveyard of Gods are divided into two categories: inside and outside. Outside, the eight god corpses suppress the aura of the seals. This makes it nearly impossible for outsiders to find the entrance to the Graveyard of Gods and go inside.” Feng Yiyou laughed gently. “Furthermore, all of you might not believe it, but this secret realm is constantly changing. Because of that, the entrance… is always moving.”

“A constantly changing secret realm?” A strange glow emerged in Qin Lie’s eyes.

“Correct. Before the eight god corpses were bound, the entrance of the Graveyard of Gods was always moving. This was caused by the fact that the eight god corpses were in the depths of the sea. Since these god corpses were constantly releasing energy fluctuations from their positions, the Graveyard of Gods was always moving in the area between them. In addition to that, the entrance was also always changing,” Feng Yiyou explained.

“No wonder this Graveyard of Gods hadn’t been discovered after all these years. It was constantly moving, and its entrance is always changing. Since it never stays still, it would indeed be hard to search for,” Song Tingyu exclaimed in a small voice.

“Of course. It is only because we bound the god corpses together one by one that we were able to anchor its position, find the entrance, and get inside. The Graveyard of Gods was so difficult to find because the eight god corpses act as its outer seal!”

Feng Yiyou snorted, then continued. “With the eight god corpses as the outer seal, the seven spirits would be the inner seal of the Graveyard of Gods. Each spirit represents one of the great forbidden lands, Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, Ice, and Thunder. Their locations in the Graveyard of Gods form the shape of the Big Dipper.”

As Feng Yiyou spoke, he crouched down and used his fingers to accurately draw the the Big Dipper in the dirt.

Qin Lie and his group carefully watched him do so.

“The Northern Dipper is composed of seven stars: Celestial Pivot, Celestial Jade, Celestial Pearl, Celestial Balance, Jade Tube, Sun Opener, and Twinkling Brilliance. Of these, the Celestial Balance Star is located in the central position.” Feng Yiyou extended a hand as he spoke, pointing at where the Celestial Balance Star would be in the dirt constellation. “The true Land of Buried Gods is here.”

Shocked expressions appeared on everyone’s faces.

“Here, in the Forbidden Land of Thunder, we are at the position of the Jade Tube Star, which is very close to the Land of Buried Gods.” Feng Yiyou began to laugh.

Since Qin Lie had spent a period of time at Armament Sect, he had a clear understanding of constellations so, he was able to understand after a brief moment of observation.

The locations of the seven great forbidden lands formed the Northern Dipper. Of them, Twinkling Brilliance, Sun Opener, Jade Tube, and Celestial Balance formed a straight line. Twinkling Brilliance was the Forbidden Land of Fire, Sun Opener was the Forbidden Land of Wood, and Jade Tube was the Forbidden Land of Thunder.

Once they passed through Jade Tube, they would reach the position of Celestial Balance, which was where the Land of Buried Gods was located.

“The Celestial Balance Star is the Forbidden Land of Ice. The Land of Buried Gods is in that exact area.” Feng Yiyou chuckled faintly, then continued. “To be honest, the seven forbidden lands are actually an ancient formation where each section is guarded by a spirit. These spirits could each be a cluster of souls, a fierce beast, or perhaps even a special creature. However, they all have one unique quality: they have the same characteristics as their respective forbidden land!

“The seven spirits preside within their corresponding forbidden lands and are responsible for maintaining the environment of those lands, just like the formation eye of strange formations. The seven great forbidden lands conceal the Land of Buried Gods by preventing outsiders from entering its depths, seemingly maintaining it.

“The seven spirits may have originally been very weak, but because they were born with inherent potential related to a specific attribute that matches their forbidden lands, they are able to control said lands. Furthermore, they are intelligent.

“Essentially, after such a long period of time, these originally weak spirits have definitely experienced a gradual change. Some spirits may have died for some reason, while others may have continued growing, gradually becoming powerful. After growing to a certain point, these spirits may have even decided that they no longer wanted to be bound to the Graveyard of Gods, harboring disloyalty and wanting to leave…

“These changes and betrayals of the seven spirits destroyed the balance of the Graveyard of Gods and the flow of the forbidden lands.”

Feng Yiyou’s explanation continued.

“The changes that have occurred to the seven spirits, their struggles and resistance, are the real reason why the eight god corpses emerged from the depths of the sea in the first place, finally revealing the Graveyard of Gods.”

“What about the people who created the Graveyard of Gods? Don’t they care?” Du Xiangyang asked, stunned.

“Them? It’s been far too long. In fact, all of them may have already died. The Graveyard of Gods is a land of secrets and mysteries. Even if some of their descendents survived, they might not even know that the Graveyard of Gods exists, let alone where it’s located.” Feng Yiyou shook his head. “However, it seems like the people who created the Graveyard of Gods always knew that, over time, the seven spirits would eventually progress to a point where the forbidden lands would no longer be able to restrain them.

“Therefore, they prepared a backup plan. Inside of the eight god corpses that form the outer seal, there seems to be something capable of sealing the seven spirits. Ten Thousand Beast Mountain and my Celestial Artifact Sect both searched for said thing, but we have yet to find it,” Feng Yiyou said regretfully.

Du Xiangyang and the other three inconspicuously glanced at Qin Lie.

It was obvious that the thing Feng Yiyou was talking about was the Demon Sealing Tombstone in Qin Lie’s possession.

“Regarding your request for help, what do you mean by cooperation?” Du Xiangyang asked, warmly laughing.

“This is the Forbidden Land of Thunder. The thunder spirit should be presiding in the violent lightning and thunder field behind us.” Feng Yiyou smiled slightly, then narrowed his eyes as he said, “The thunder energy there is extremely powerful, and there’s an extremely strong thunder barrier in place. We’ve tried to break through it, but failed repeatedly. I believe that if you join us and lend us your strength, we might be able to break through the barrier.”

“What’s behind the barrier? Just the thunder spirit?” Du Xiangyang furrowed his brow and waved a hand apathetically. “I don’t cultivate any thunder spirit arts, so this thunder spirit doesn’t interest me.”

“The thunder spirit isn’t the only thing behind the barrier, there are other fluctuations of life as well. Other than the thunder spirit, there may also be spirit artifacts. Other than the Land of Buried Gods, this place could be considered the second-most divine land within the Graveyard of Gods!” Feng Yiyou said confidently.

“Why do you say that?” Song Tingyu asked, curiosity piqued.

“I apologize for being dramatic.” Feng Yiyou chuckled softly. “I’m only telling you four after all. The Forbidden Land of Thunder is different from other forbidden lands. This place isn’t just a forbidden land—it’s also a smelting pool! The land behind us, the one in which the thunder spirit resides, is also a smelting land!”

“What does that mean?” Du Xiangyang asked, his brow creased.

“Haha, don’t be so anxious. As we cooperate and delve into its depths, all of you will gradually come to understand.” Feng Yiyou narrowed his eyes. “What I have told you is already more than enough.”

“How do you wish to cooperate?” Qin Lie interrupted.

Feng Yiyou glanced at Qin Lie, then quickly withdrew his gaze and turned to Du Xiangyang once again, saying, “We just need to work together to break through the thunder barrier.”

It was clear that Feng Yiyou held no regard for Qin Lie.

“How are we going to break through it?” Du Xiangyang asked as he inwardly laughed.

“This requires everyone to think up their own ways.” Feng Yiyou furrowed his brow. “Everyone should be well aware of the terrifying, destructive effect of thunder energy on souls. The thunder barrier is covered in thunder and lightning. As soon as any of it enters your consciousness, your soul will be promptly extinguished.”

“Your Celestial Artifact Sect has been here for quite some time. Have you found any weak points yet? Has there been any progress at all?” Song Tingyu asked.

“We have yet to find a way to crack it. Why don’t you go and study it? Perhaps you can find a good way,” Feng Yiyou said, his expression full of helplessness.

“I will go and take a look at it,” Qin Lie said out of the blue.

Without even glancing at him, Du Xiangyang, Song Tingyu, and Xie Jingxuan immediately nodded in agreement.

“By yourself?” Feng Yiyou asked, stunned.

“Mn. I’ll just go over there and observe the situation.” Qin Lie smiled casually, his solitary figure starting its trek toward the area behind them where thunder and lightning flared.

“This…” Zhang Sheng’s expression went cold.

“It would be best if all of you went with him. Just him by himself… may be a little too dangerous,” Feng Yiyou benevolently suggested.

“No need. If he wants to go by himself, let him do so.” Du Xiangyang laughed as he shook his head.

Song Tingyu and Xie Jingxuan also wore calm expressions.

“Ah, I think kind of understand now.” Zhang Sheng began to laugh coldly. “It seems like the rest of you stopped seeing eye to eye with this person at some point and can’t wait for him to die, right?”

“What do you mean? Do you believe that, in entering the thunder barrier, he’s sentencing himself to death? ” Song Tingyu’s pretty face suddenly turned icy. “Are you trying to get us to go in together because you want all of us to go in and die? Do you want us to just kill ourselves?”

Du Xiangyang and Xie Jingxuan coldly glared at Zhang Sheng.

Zhang Sheng realized that he had said something he shouldn’t have.

“Shut your mouth!” Feng Yiyou shouted, his expression incomparably cold.

“I was only messing around, don’t mind me.” Zhang Sheng apologized, lowered his head, and stopped speaking, yet his eyes still harbored treachery.

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