Chapter 911: Gathering Power

Chapter 911: Gathering Power

Qin Lie did not stay on Flaming Sun Island for long.

After staying with Song Tingyu for another day and understanding the new state of the Land of Chaos and assessing Flaming Sun Island's present strength, he secretly returned to Soul Summoning Island.

He did not see the people of Blood Fiend Sect, or even Mo Hai, Tang Siqi and others of Flaming Sun Island.

After just reaching the Fragmentation Realm, he needed to reinforce his cultivation in Spirit Realm, increase his strength, and try to increase the power of his bloodline.

After learning through Hua Yuchi that the Qin Family had been a top Gold rank force in the Central World but had been exterminated by the forces working together and forced out of the Central World, he now had a goal.

In the Central World, their Gold rank forces all had geniuses with ancient bloodlines. Geniuses of his age, his future rivals, were mostly in the Nirvana Realm already.

Han Qian, who had "killed" him, was soon to create her first Soul Altar level. Her talent and abilities were shocking.

Compared to those opponents, he was far, far behind. He had to catch up.

After returning to Soul Summoning Island, he quickly learned that Yuria had taken the majority of the Dark Shadow clansmen to Seven Eye Island where La Pu had cultivated in the past.

Eddie and the more powerful elders chose to stay at Soul Summoning Island with Luz.

"How long will Elder Luz take to return to his peak?" he asked Eddie.

"Chief commander originally was in the middle stage of the Void Realm, even if he uses spirit pills to quickly gain power and extremely pure spirit stones, he will need at least a year to recover." Eddie stood among the plants of the Nether Realm and inhaled the intoxicating nether demonic energy. He said, "Fortunately, chief commander wasn't wounded, he is purely recovering his power. If he was wounded, it would be even more difficult for an expert in the Void Realm like him to recover."

"One year... that's not very long, good." Qin Lie calculated mentally and felt that the three great ghoul races may not be able to defeat the Silver rank forces outside of Terminator Sect in a year.

"What about you? How long will your eighteen Soul Altar elders need to completely recover?" he asked again.

"We will be much faster." Eddie smiled and said, "At most three to four months and we will have completely recovered. If we get some nourishing spirit pills and medicines, and fruits of the Nether Realm that increase nether demonic energy, we will be even faster."

"Go find La Pu for this. He will help you," Qin Lie said.

La Pu snickered from the side and said, "Qin Lie is very resourceful in the Land of Chaos."

Eddie's eyes lit up.

"When Ge Rongguang comes with the spirit materials that the Ancient Beast Race wanted, tell me. I need to rest and reflect in the next few days," Qin Lie said.

La Pu nodded.

"Qin Lie, before chief commander went into seclusion to recover, he told me for you to not pursue your goal too quickly. You cannot use a drop of Nivitt's refined blood in one go, you have go about it slowly." Eddie suddenly thought of this and said, "The blood of a rank nine Silver Streak Heavenly Snake is an extremely ferocious medicine for someone like you with only a rank five bloodline and early Fragmentation Realm cultivation. You have to be careful!"

"The blood of the a rank nine Silver Streak Heavenly Snake?" La Pu's brow twitched as he asked interestedly, "Qin Lie, you have such valuable blood?"

"I obtained it from the Ancient Beast Race," he explained briefly.

La Pu's eyes flashed with light. After a moment of thought, he said, "Give the blood of the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake to me, I will refine it for you and make sure it can be used to its maximum effect."

He was extremely confident in his words.

"La Pu, you know how to refine blood?" Eddie was shocked.

Qin Lie's expression changed slightly. Then, he remembered that La Pu had been studying the anatomy of different races and their bloodlines in the last millennia in the Ruined Lands.

The reason he could understand his bloodline and use it was because of La Pu's teachings.

Hidden field of bloodline study and race anatomy, La Pu had been immersed in it for millennia.

"I can bring the best out of the Silver Streak Heavenly Snake’s blood," La Pu said certainly.

Qin Lie did not hesitate. He gave the two drops of Nivitt’s blood to La Pu. "Go find Ge Rongguang for any materials you need, he will help you."

"Flaming Sun Island will not have what I need. The materials I want can only be found in... the Ruined Lands." La Pu smiled mysteriously.

"What are you going to add?" Qin Lie's expression changed slightly.

"Some venom, some special medicinal herbs that only be found in the auxiliary worlds." La Pu casually explained. "In the Ruined Lands, there are many passageways connected to other realms, one can purchase special medicines from them. Even Flaming Sun Island will have to go through Ruined Lands to purchase such medicines."

"Will there be any side effects?" Qin Lie was slightly anxious.

"Don't worry, I would not harm you," La Pu comforted.

Qin Lie did not ask any more questions.

Deep into the night.

An enormous blue crystalline war chariot floated in the depths of the black clouds. The eight Thunderblitz wood slabs formed an octagon on top of the chariot.

Amidst the slabs of Thunderblitz wood sat a youth, his balanced and almost perfect body naked. Roars came from the mark at the center of his chest.

Arcs of blue lightning jumped out of the youth's skin and shot towards the octagon.

Gradually, lightning climbed all over the Thunderblitz wood slabs.

Fifteen minutes later, the center of the formation became a burning pool of lightning.

A bolt of lightning flashed into the sky above the youth's head as though it was connected to the lightning pool beyond the skies.

"Boom boom boom!"

Soon, rain poured down and lightning fell.

The Thunder Emperor Mark on Qin Lie's chest released a rainbow light and formed a strong attractive force.

The threads of lightning and thunder power fell from the sky, and reformed into lightning pool fluid after condensing.

The wondrous water droplets made from thunder and lightning flowed into the thirty-eight acupoints opened in his chest, guided by the Thunder Emperor Mark.

The thirty-eight acupoints that were the size of walnuts became bright stars in his chest after absorbing the lightning pool liquid.

When one looked, it seemed there were thirty eight stars flashing with lightning on his chest.

After continuing for six hours, the acupoints that had opened when he entered the Fragmentation Realm were all filled with the ferocious lightning pool water.

"Nine Thunder Blast!"

His thoughts moved, and blinding bolts of lightning containing wild thunder fluctuations suddenly dropped downwards with a shocking rumble.

In this moment, the enormous crystalline war chariot that was almost a hundred meters long was drowned by thousands of lightning bolts.

The crystalline war chariot collapsed.

He put the eight Thunderblitz wood slabs back in the spatial ring when the chariot collapsed.

After the chariot was destroyed, he floated with his Fragmentation Realm cultivation in the thick clouds. As though he was wearing lightning armor, he gave off a bright light.

"Blitz Thunder Escape!"

Six drops of lightning pool water suddenly released all of their lightning power which turned into strength filling his entire body.

A trembling feeling poured into his mind.


A streak of lightning flashed across the night sky above the Ruined Lands.

In the next moment, he appeared again on Soul Summoning Island. Other than feeling some overstretched pain in his tendons, he only lost six lightning pool droplets.

"Compared to the Blood Escape Art, it's faster... however, it does not go as far as the Blood Escape. The Blitz Thunder Escape is useful when being engaged in a fight, and Blood Escape is better for actual escaping," Qin Lie murmured.

As he spoke, he sat down at the rear of the obsidian palace and took out the Demon Sealing Tombstone. He was going to use the vast energies inside the Demon Sealing Tombstone to make lifeblood essences.

In Boluo Realm, he used too many of the lifeblood essences he had worked to refine. He needed to refine them again.

A ray of bloody light suddenly flew in.

He turned to look and saw the bloody light turn into Jiang Zhuzhe.

"As expected, you are back." Jiang Zhuzhe smiled disdainfully. "A few days ago, I felt a dozen powerful auras suddenly appear on Soul Summoning Island. One of them... even made me feel pressured."

When he said this, he looked in the direction where La Pu, Eddie and Luz were with a hint of wariness.

"I know that there is one more person I cannot afford to provoke on Soul Summoning Island. On top of that, I don't know what happened on Soul Summoning Island, I did not come over to investigate."

"However, I paid attention to Soul Summoning Island."

"Today, when I observed and saw significant lightning and thunder vibration in the clouds above the Ruined Lands, and saw a lightning bolt fly straight into Soul Summoning Island, I guessed that you returned."

"As expected, I was right."

Jiang Zhuzhe said casually.

"Long time no see." Qin Lie's expression was aloof.

With Luz on Soul Summoning Island, and the Dark Shadow Race Soul Altar experts in the surroundings, he didn't feel any fear toward Jiang Zhuzhe.

"Is what we agreed on before still in effect?" Jiang Zhuzhe suddenly asked.

"Which agreement?" Qin Lie asked casually.

"Working together against the Heavenly Calamity Continent." Jiang Zhuzhe's expression turned serious.

"The three families have moved to Black Voodoo Cult from the Heavenly Calamity Continent, right now the Earth Ghoul Race resides on the Heavenly Calamity Continent. You want to deal with the Earth Ghoul Race on the Heavenly Calamity Continent or Black Voodoo Cult and the three families?" Qin Lie was puzzled.

"Black Voodoo Cult and the three families!" Jiang Zhuzhe's eyes were dark. After a pause, he added, "The current Black Voodoo Cult also has Wen Bin, Chu Miaodan, and others that fled from Illusory Demon Sect."

"Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan fled to Black Voodoo Cult?" Qin Lie was shocked.

"Other than the Setting Sun Islands, Black Voodoo Cult is the only powerful human force around the Heavenly Slaughter Continent. Wen Bin and Chu Miaodan are at odds with the Setting Sun Islands. Pursued by the Blue Ghoul Race, they could only go to Black Voodoo Cult. What else could they do??" Jiang Zhuzhe smiled coldly. "Even Ji Qingpeng is dead. They had no other choice but to join Jiang An. Or should they have waited to be killed or eaten alive by the Blue Ghoul Race?"

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